Breakthrough your business barriers differently

Use the Body Based Business model to STOP hitting that glass ceiling in your biz and finally grow into your next level WITHOUT therapy, affirmations, or “changing your mindset”


Truth: this page is long because I am telling you a story. I promise it's worth the read!

80% of coaches are letting their trauma self run their business

In fact, MOST of us are showing up as our trauma selves, a whole lot of the time.

What does that look like?

-Well, if you constantly feel overwhelmed about your work...

-You've hit a revenue plateau...

-You put off projects or launches until everything’s perfect...

-You have a hard time with marketing yourself. With actually being visible, showing up on social media, sharing your face on camera, or being consistent with your marketing emails and social posts...

-You have super high expectations of yourself...

There's more 😳

-You get imposter syndrome, worried you don’t know enough (when you definitely do)...

-It’s hard for you to own your expertise, to feel comfortable and confident enough to speak your unique perspective...

-The clients you currently work with drain your energy, they don’t do their work between sessions or show up for the transformation they are paying you for...

-Boundaries feel hard for you to uphold with clients, your schedule, and your time. You regularly go over the allotted time with your clients...

-You feel like there’s never enough time, in a constant state of go-go-go overwhelm or stuck, heavy, and exhausted...

Chances are you’ve got some nervous system dysregulation going on.

Because what you REALLY want is:

To feel like your business is sustainable for you—not just with consistent income but having plenty of time and energy, too. You want success on your terms. In fact, you may not want to build a seven figure empire, or even be the main financial provider in your family. But you do want the stability and ease of feeling fulfilled by your work, knowing you’re doing what you love in a way that works for your life.

So why have you hit a glass ceiling? Why are you struggling to break through to your next level—whatever that means for you? Whether it’s running group programs, doing the next big project, writing your book, filling your calendar with truly aligned clients, shifting your focus, reinventing your offers—what is stopping you from the things you KNOW you want to do?

You might be wondering, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I just figure this out?

Because you’ve hired the experts.

You’ve had a therapist, life coach, business coach. You’ve done energy work, had your human design and astrology read. You have the awareness to see something’s off. But, nothing has ever completely removed these blocks for you.

Sure, you’ve made progress, but something is still in the way.

I get it!

I had big dreams and ideas for my business.

I was a health coach for 10 years.

I wanted to write a book. I wanted to reach more people with my work. I wanted to make more money.

I wanted to be on stages delivering my unique and powerful message to large audiences—I still do.

But, I just kept bumping up against the same patterns of overwhelm, self-doubt, and procrastination over and over again.

I tried everything.

I’ve had life coaches and business coaches since day one (we’re talking some big names, too). I’ve done masterminds and group programs, expensive systems and expert strategies. I’ve tried meditation, affirmations, tapping, therapy, energy work, past life regressions, muscle testing, human design, astrology, and probably more things I can’t even recall.

I’d have moments of progress, and try to do things differently, but the old patterns still came back.

Then, came the most “random” thing that changed my life.

A friend emailed me a photo of her hand written notes from a workshop she attended with very little context.

And, after reading the notes, I had a full-body YES moment. I knew the material she sent me was THE missing piece for me to take my business to the next level.

The notes were from a Biology of Trauma class, and I knew that this was it for me. So, I immediately joined the waitlist to begin studying this as a certified practitioner.

Going through this year-long training, I began to integrate the material with my clients, which rapidly accelerated their results.

A client, Danielle, who was undergoing chemo for colon cancer, was able to relax her health anxieties and fear of food as we integrated the nervous system practices. She was able to feel energized, trust her body, and actually enjoy life with her kids throughout treatment.

A client, Sarah, was able to get off of 40 supplements (yes, really) that she had been taking for a combination of health issues. She was able to understand her nervous system patterns and make decisions that better suited her, without everything being so rigid and without fear that her health would be disrupted.

It also changed my entire health and life, too. I was able to work through Lyme disease after several years of unsuccessful treatments that my body couldn't handle. I was able to eat more foods than I had in 12 years, even ones I had previously tested genetically intolerant to, with no disruption to my health. I had more steady energy. I felt less sensitive, physically and emotionally, and life just felt easier. Plus, my husband kept telling me how chill I was!

But, there was something else surprising: I was running my business with more ease, more consistency, and more courage than ever before. I was doing more and not feeling that same ol’ glass ceiling.

That’s when I SAW it.
And I couldn’t unsee it.

I realized that my trauma was running my business.

Once I saw it, I started noticing it everywhere.

I couldn’t unsee it—trauma was in the driver's seat of nearly every business I observed.

And, since most of my clients were actually coaches themselves, I started to explore this piece with them. I ran case studies and talked to colleagues.

The results were conclusive: most coaches are running their business from their trauma self.

I call your trauma self the version of you that feels triggered and dysregulated in your nervous system. And the part of you that, while isn’t actively triggered, is repeating behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck.

What most people don’t realize is that your behaviors are created from your body.

That means your body runs your business!

Once that clicked for me, I was able to make changes that boosted my energy levels, my time management, and being able to consistently make logical decisions based on data, rather than emotions, in my business.

Because I was no longer stuck in the default patterns of my body’s nervous system.

To me, it feels so much more achievable to work with my body than try and force changes though my thoughts or mindset.

And, let me be clear: this is not about mindset.

I honestly feel like we've been duped by the idea of mindset. Here’s why: Mindset is a perception of your beliefs. But, your beliefs are informed by your nervous system.

Your nervous system alerts your mind if it feels safe or not, through your body.

The reason why you keep bumping up against the same 'ol uncomfortable or self-sabotaging behaviors is because—no matter how frustrating they are—they are familiar old patterns that feel safe to your nervous system. They are "comfortable beliefs."

Like, "I'm comfortable where my business is right now."

Even if you think you really want the next level of business growth... if you're not totally on board subconsciously and in the depths of your nervous system, you'll never feel safe to go there.

So, believing that you can just change an old, ingrained behavior pattern through mindset is BS because your body doesn’t feel safe with that new idea yet.

Read that again...

Believing that you can just change an old, ingrained behavior pattern through mindset is BS because your body doesn’t feel safe with that new idea yet.

That’s why you keep bumping up against the same ol’ same ol’.

Your body is not yet ready to go there.

Change doesn’t begin “in your head” with a new mindset. It actually starts in your body.

You know these feelings in your coaching practice:

-Literally sweating before you get on a sales call
-Having a pit in your stomach when you get an objection
-Clenching your jaw when your team isn’t following through

Your body is sending signals to your brain about how safe it feels in those moments.

And the default patterns that are showing up go all the way back to your earliest experiences as a baby—to the relationship you had with your caregivers and whether your body felt fully safe, fully taken care of, fully met with its needs.

Here’s the frustrating part: even if you had a lovely upbringing, your nervous system will have mirrored your primary care giver. Because, when you’re too young to know what you need, your system mirrors the one it feels most.

Got mother-father-sibling wounds?

Well, that’s gonna play out here in your business.

Your body doesn't know the difference between a true threat or business growth, and it simply doesn't feel safe to go there yet.

Stepping into the next level doesn’t feel safe yet

How does this "lack of safety" show up? Insert your favorite coping mechanism:

  • Finding yourself in the pantry instead of your desk
  • Skipping meals to keep working instead
  • Grabbing another coffee, tea, or sweet to get through the day
  • Calling on a friend or colleague to process every little bump in the road
  • Scrolling, in the name of work, of course
  • Investing in more outside support
  • Signing up for more courses or trainings
  • Logging off for a week long vacation and still not feeling better
  • Feeling like you have to take a step back altogether

When there's overwhelm, our patterns take us to what's "easy" and comfortable—what's been on default.

Finding true safety starts in your body and it's more simple than you think!


Here's the good news:

1. We don’t need to go into the stories, the why, or the what to do something about it.

Because these responses are happening in your body, we don’t need to explore “what” it is so much as “where” it is. We don’t need to know “why” this is happening, but instead get curious about how it’s showing up right now.

We don’t need to dig into your past and uproot more of your trauma, because those stories are part of what keep you stuck in the first place.

I can help you finally get your "trauma self" out of the driver's seat of your business so your true self can show up and shine.

2. This is all normal.

You’ll bump up against these same issues every time you try to level up. But now you’ll have the tools to deal with it and even see it coming!

3. Once you learn this for yourself you don’t have to keep relying on outside experts for support.

The tools I share are simple and can be done is as little as 5 minutes per day—really! My clients say I make this feel really achievable.

Want this for yourself?

Join Body Based Business

Running your business with the guidance of your body gives you an edge in how you show up for yourself and for your clients. It also allows you to make better decisions in and for the business—with logistics, offers, and marketing.

I created Body Based Business (BBB) to help you feel more courage to be visible, to shine as your true self, and to break the patterns that have been holding you back.

And, because no one else is offering this type of support that I see as vital for your growth!

If your gut (yep, your body 😉) is giving you a big YES, then read on to learn the program format and join us.

BBB is a small group mentoring program. Over six weeks, we'll uncover how your trauma self has been in the driver's seat of your business and how common that really is. Coming together with a small group means you'll resonate and learn from one another's experiences and progress.

We'll have live sessions for 6 weeks that include interactive learning about your nervous system alongside coaching, mentoring, and Q&A. This is not something you'll do on your own, watching course videos or writing out lots of work—I will be guiding and mentoring you every step of the way, live.

Optional Integration Sessions: These weekly sessions will be offered for those who wish to attend. If meeting 2x/week feels like too much, you can skip it. This optional session allows for more accountability and implementation of the practices when you need it.

Early Action Bonus #1: 45-Minute Private Mentoring Session so I can get to know exactly how these challenges and show up in your business, and give you extra detailed feedback throughout the program. Limited to the first 4 people who join

Early Action Bonus #2: Access to BBB Nervous System Support video library. Part of the re-patterning process in our nervous system means we might “forget” things that can help. Having access to 2-3 minute videos of the tools can be a great reminder. For those who sign up (with payment) by May 22

The 6-week Body Based Business group is $4000.
But, because this is the first cohort in this format, I’m opening 8 spots for just $2000.

Want the VIP experience? Add 6 months of Mentoring to BBB and get both for $6800 (this will be $10,000 next go-round)

Having an extended time of mentoring means you can further refine what we learn in BBB and take it more deeply into your business. The guidance and leadership of someone who's been there means you won't feel off track when "hiccups" occur. Because, they will. I'll remind you that's normal and help you move forward without getting stuck there.

In BBB, you'll learn:

  • How your nervous system operates and what your default patterns are
  • Simple tools that you can use in as little as 5 minutes per day to feel more regulated
  • Ways to track your patterns and work with them in your biz, so you don’t get stuck
  • To let your body guide the growth of your business, safely, without subconscious patterns getting in the way

Since it’s really important to have a safe space for your nervous system to do this work, each person who joins comes through invite or application only. After you fill out the application, we’ll ask you to book a time to chat and make sure we’re a good fit for you.

We start next week!

You don’t have to make any commitments now, but you do need to apply by May 24 at 6pm MT. Applications close in:



Who is a good fit for BBB?

-Coaches running their own biz for 2+ years (with little or no team)
-You're noticing a glass ceiling that you just can't overcome, even with the support you've tried
-You have a sneaking suspicion you're in your own way.

How do I prepare my nervous system to feel safe at my next level?

-In the BBB model, we start with understanding your unique system and default responses that bring up the subconscious fear.

-Then, working with tools, health, and habits to support more regulation, more of the time. I’m all about minimalist simple things that are easy to integrate.

-As you are able to create more nervous system regulation, and understand your triggers, your body can feel safe in new circumstances.

Will this take a lot of work?

-The way I teach is very simplified. Clients say I break things down in a really understandable way and normalize their experience.

-The body based tools I invite you to integrate are basic (but powerful) and use things you have around the house.

-I do ask that you have a willingness to see your habits, behaviors, and patterns differently and change your relationship to them. This might feel like "work" at times. But, the tools we use help you out of overwhelm so you won't get stuck there.

-We will work together during sessions to tailor any "homework" for your needs but it will always be minimal.

Do I have to attend both sessions each week?

-You do not. The optional integration session is a chance to drop in to the practices more deeply. This session offers the chance to ask questions, receive feedback, and integrate the work. Again, it's optional. Sessions will be recorded.

-The most benefit will come if you commit to attending all main sessions and do the provided "homework" between sessions (this may be as little as 5 minutes, or up to 15 minutes per day). Sessions will be recorded.

-The first session of the week allows for teaching and testing things. The second session allows you to bring your personal questions after a few days for process and integration.

When do we meet?

Main sessions, tentative:
-Thursday, June 1 at 11am MT
-Tuesday, June 6, 13, 27 at 11am MT
-Monday, June 19, at 1pm MT
-Thursday, July 6 at 11am MT
We meet for 60-90 minutes

Optional sessions:
-Thursdays or Fridays at 11am
We meet for 45 minutes

-VIP will meet weekly July 6 through December 21, 2023
(with a week off in August and November)

Is there a refund policy?

I do not offer refunds, but do guarantee the process. If you attend all sessions (main and optional) and do the recommended work between, I guarantee you will have a better understanding of your nervous system, your default patterns, and the way this shows up in your business. At the end of our time together, you should be clear on how take the next step in your business, in a way that supports your nervous system. If not, I will work with you for free until you do.

I've had a therapist, coach, and more but I'm still not where I want to be. Why should I try this?

-Those people were likely not looking at your business through the lens of your trauma and your nervous system. So, they probably didn't prepare you to work with your trauma or nervous system as it relates to business, or at each new level of business. BBB does this.

-BBB helps you get familiar with the sneaky ways your trauma self and nervous system subconsciously hold you back. We teach you to feel this in your body so you can catch it going forward.

-Since BBB uses your body to work with these patterns, there is no need to go back into your story or history. We work on moving forward with what you're experiencing right now.

-While we focus on biz, you're likely to notice positive shifts in your health, relationships, and life as well.

What does life & business look like after BBB?

For my clients, the main shift they feel is out of overwhelm. The moments they feel stuck are reduced to minutes or hours vs days or weeks. They feel more capable of speaking their truth, upholding boundaries with themselves and their clients. They have more fulfilling client relationships and don't feel drained from work. They're no longer afraid to test things or show up imperfectly, because they realize it's part of growing a business. And, they truly feel like a CEO running a business vs a practitioner going through the motions or treading water to survive. For me, it's looked like this...

my first book, published after I got my trauma self out of the driver's seat

not worried about perfect or professional photos, showing the real, unfiltered me

my nervous system support set up, from things I already have at home

Here's what clients say:

" I was able to overcome imposter syndrome "

" I now have tools to get out of the hole when I feel overwhelmed "

" It feels easier to move forward in my business "

This group came at a time when I had been feeling stuck for months. I learned a lot about myself from the materials and other members of this group. I realized my negative beliefs were excuses for not moving forward. I understand my patterns now and was able to overcome imposter syndrome—I don't have to do more to be enough. This program gave me tools to regulate my body so I can make better decisions from a more confident place. I even got myself on video on social media for the first time!


I was dealing with fear and overwhelm, with a thousand reasons or excuses, thinking everything was too big and too hard in my business. I learned that if I am overwhelmed it's likely that my nervous system is out of balance. I now have tools to support myself and get out of the hole, not to bury myself more.

It is beyond amazing to work with Brandi. Her presence is so supportive and calming. I walked away with many tools that have helped me in my daily life, but also helped support the growth of my business, and the way I show up for my clients.


I became aware (in real time) of how stressed I was and Brandi provided simple techniques to reduce stress levels and decrease the pain I was feeling, which helped rejuvenate me.

I thought I felt stuck because I didn't have enough time or energy, now I realize that my nervous system was depleting me. I was able to make progress as I became aware of the problem and some simple adjustments made it feel easier to move forward in my business.

Brandi seamlessly integrated evidence-based research into easily understandable language. The mixture of entrepreneurship and regulating the nervous system is a unique combination.


I had been feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself, living as if my self-doubting thoughts were truth. I realized my nervous system was dysregulated and I was running on the fumes of my old habits and beliefs. I was coping and working as I always had done, but not really getting anywhere with my business.

Now I have some great tools to work with and can see that things will flow smoother not only my business, but my life!

I learned so much from Brandi during this course. My nervous system is not a system I have ever given much thought to and was unaware how it impacts my daily life. I highly recommend this work with Brandi!


I invite you to join Body Based Business so your business can grow and be led by your true self