12 Days of Holiday Cheer

This year, I teamed up with 11 other Transformational Nutrition Coaches to bring you 12 Days of Holiday Cheer email series. Staring Sunday, December 13, you had the chance to get emails from new coaches (including me) everyday, for 12 days.

They're be packed with unconventional tips, free offers like recipes and downloads, and more... This email series offers you ways to stay in line with your health, self-care and finding joy this holiday season. We can all use help with that!

If you missed any of the emails, you can review them here:

[DAY 1] : Just Breathe

[DAY 2] : Make Time for You in a Busy Day

[DAY 3] : You Don't Have to Do That!

[DAY 4] : Tools to Banish Anxiety

[DAY 5] : Help Your Gut & Your Gut Will Help You     that's my article!

[DAY 6] : Superfood For Your Mood

[DAY 7] : 4 Steps to Moderate Holiday Eating

[DAY 8] : Self Care Through Food

[DAY 9] : Choosing Gratitude

[DAY 10] : Stop Your Inner "Mean Girl"

[DAY 11] : Setting Goals That Work

[DAY 12] : New Habits For The New Year

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