Diet, Detox and Desire in real life

Last week, I heard from a client, Melissa, who worked with me a few years ago in my in my Love Your Gut group program.

She shared with me that she had some big breakthroughs in 2017.  She told me about some new insights that had led her to feel more intuitive and connected to her body than ever before. I was ecstatic for her! 

I immediately asked her if we could hop on the phone and talk about it. We scheduled “a quick phone call” that ended up being an hour-long conversation. I was so inspired that I immediately wanted to share her story with you!

As Melissa told me about her year, I realized she had actually made shifts in the three areas that I find all women need - Diet, Detox, and Desire - and hadn’t even realized it!

Melissa explained that she felt the biggest shifts with :

  • Actually listening to her body and choosing foods that she knew worked for her. She felt that even after learning what foods were good for her body in my program, she was still seeking outside “expertise” instead of listening to herself. This was her Diet

  • Learning to say no more, without guilt. This allowed her to feel a deep sense of liberation because she was no longer doing things she felt she “should” or “had” to do. This was her Detox

  • Choosing what she loves and what brings her joy, even when friends or family think it should be something else. She started to really amp up her gratitude practice and find joy in the little things. This was her Desire

As she told me these top three things that felt significant for her, I couldn't believe it. She had gotten to see what Diet Detox and Desire really meant for her in real life!!

This is powerful stuff, and it takes a lot of effort to get to a place where you are actually doing this every day, on your own. In fact, I recognize a thread in Melissa’s experience that I believe even she overlooked - she got super courageous this year! She got courageous and really tuned in to her Gut Wisdom. 

What is so amazing about Melissa's story is that she was introduced to these principles in my program way back when. But, she didn’t have any coaching on these or anyone talking her through this experience. She did this on her own! It took her a few years to get here, but imagine being able to get really intimate support with this and make progress more quickly?

Melissa told me that as a result of these shifts, she feels proud of who she is now.That, her health feels so stable and she has so much more confidence! She doesn't feel deprived in any area of her life and she feels super energized. Isn't that what you're seeking?

If so, I encourage you to read about my new Diet Detox Desire program. I designed it to help you reach these goals of finding real joy, real balance and ultimately real courage in your life. 

I created this program after working with over a hundred women in this same perspective. I realized that women need more support than they’re getting in their day to day lives and that diving deeply together with consistent coaching is the best way to make change happen. 

In this new 4-month program, we work together very closely. With three coaching sessions a month and one integration week per month, it’s more support that I’ve ever offered before in my work. And, because of that, space is super limited! I’ll only be taking three women into my practice this coming month. And, this is an application only experience, to ensure that you and I are the perfect match for one another.

If this sounds like something you want to explore, read about the program here
You can apply without any obligation, and if we're a good match, we'll schedule a phone call to talk in depth about what you most desire in your life right now and how I can most support you.

From there, we can begin the journey of unfolding what Diet Detox and Desire mean for you!

I look forward to sharing your inspiring story one day,

P.S. If you skipped to the bottom, you missed a story of Diet, Detox, and Desire IRL. Want to be one of the three people that begins this journey with me next month? Read all about my new Diet Detox Desire 4-month program here