Less push, more ease

Happy new year! I hope you had a nice time with your loved ones getting as much downtime as possible, since that's what our body really craves this time of year.

If you haven't noticed already, this week your inbox and social feeds are inevitably going to be filled with a “new year new you” perspective. I encourage you to feel into it before you react to it. 

Personally, I have never been a fan of all the push around the new year to do something, especially as it is focused on your body and your health mindset. In fact, I’ve always been against the January-push. 

A couple of years ago I wrote about this on my blog, saying :

  • You don't need anyone telling you how to be new and improved, just because we've switched the calendar to January.

  • You don't really want to start a harsh routine when you've been wound up and going like crazy from mid-November through December.

  • Honoring your body needs a steady and committed approach, not a fair-weather, new year push.

So, while you’re probably already hearing about doing diets and detoxes and mapping your desires, I wonder how it really feels for you?

To many in the health and wellness industry, they’re talking about going on a diet, as a way to restrict your food intake in relation to the probable holiday indulgences. To me, a diet is a way of nourishment. In my work, your diet is about more than just food. Your diet creates a way for you to feel restored and be empowered every day, all year long. It’s about sustainability and longevity, not a quick fix.

These same communities use the word detox as a cleanse, a way to purge those same holiday indulgences. And, this isn’t always bad. But, your body doesn’t do well with a deep cleanse in January (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere like my Australia folks - hi friends). It instead needs support. In my work, detoxing is a shift, not a purge. It’s about letting go of habits and routines and people and things that no longer serve you. It’s about shedding what may be in the way of your potential. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s not. It is always a way to find the freedom to choose what's best for you, for the long run.

There’s also a lot of talk about creating your resolutions and how to manifest your desires. I love this kind of talk, but not concentrated on one day of the year! Nothing changed when the clock struck 12 on Monday. I believe it’s important to create what we love every day, even when we don’t feel our best. In my work, desire is about finding the root of your deepest truths and choosing how to get there. It’s about learning what happiness and vitality mean for you, every day, no matter what. 

Doesn’t that feel better than a quick fix?

I am guessing that it not only feels better but feels possible.

You know that feeling of doing a quick thing around the new year, with high hopes, that ends in an expectation hangover. You didn’t get what you wanted out of it and then you eventually go back to the old ways. You have the best of intentions, but it just doesn’t work. That’s when you become frustrated with yourself and you throw in the towel. Again.

I believe that getting your health and life where you want it is not a matter of being determined or capable. It’s about finding the right way - your way!

I believe it’s about finding your own body’s wisdom so it can always guide you!

I’ve been using these deeper versions of Diet, Detox, and Desire in my work for several years, and have come to learn that they reveal something different for everyone. But, they have one thing in common - they help you learn what your body really wants and needs, and how to listen to your gut wisdom. 

That gut wisdom is what I use every single day to find my own version of a successful life - success that isn’t about a job but is about my passions and what feels good to me, in my body, every day.

That is what I am most passionate about helping you with: finding what feels really good to you! So, later this month, I’ll be revealing a project that I’ve been working on for much of 2017. 

It’s something designed to help you find your greatest health and your own version of balance, progress, and sustainability - for a lifetime. Keep your eyes open for an announcement soon!

Until then, think about how a deeper version of Diet, Detox, and Desire can help you move through this week, this year and this life with more ease. 

Because less push and more ease is much more sustainable,


IntuitionBrandi Mackenzie