Where did my food focus go?

You may have noticed that my emails and blogs have been less focussed on food lately. And, there’s a reason for that. 

Back in 2014, I created a signature six-week program, now called the Love Your Gut program. It was focussed on loving your digestive system, and giving it a break, with an elimination diet. It allowed you to find your own perfect diet and get more tuned in to your body along the way. It changed people’s lives and bodies and relationship with food. 

It also happens to be a program rooted in food. So, with the Love Your Gut program as my primary focus over the years, I was constantly coming up with meal plans, recipes and exploring how to make elimination style food really tasty. I still have clients telling me about program recipes that have become part of their repertoire as a result. 

When I started working with clients back then, food wasn’t what it is today. I was using an elimination diet within that program that would later show up as [very similar to] the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet. But, back then, it didn’t have a name and it didn’t have books and it certainly didn’t have mainstream awareness. Now, it does! Which is so helpful and amazing, because even more doctors and researchers are recognizing this as a protocol that works!

Now, it seems, food is more powerful. Food has more impact for many. People “get it” more than they did even a few years ago. With that, more food items are available in small markets and more specialty items are coming out all the time. So, really, it’s easier for you to navigate learning about labeled diets such as Paleo, AIP and other protocols on your own. If you were to do the Love Your Gut program today, you could basically search AIP recipes and meal plans to be supported in that area.

But, what’s not easy - when searching on your own or doing a set diet program - is finding your perfect diet. And, finding that diet while knowing that every bite you choose, every meal and every day, is serving you and nourishing you on a deep level. Nourishing you cellularly and emotionally and energetically - that’s the hard part! And, that is ultimately what the Love Your Gut program is all about... what I call "getting underneath" the food and the food choices.  

For me as a coach and healer and guide, I’ve always felt drawn to the inner world even more than the outer, because it’s often the piece that’s overlooked.  As an example, when I was a yoga teacher, I was committed to teaching inner body awareness just as much as I was a stickler for alignment. As a chef, I was always teaching my clients and students about how to “read” food as you cook it, to use your senses rather than using a recipe as a crutch. And, now, as I have traversed the land of nutrition coaching, I realize that my unique gifts are more suited to taking you deep. To, getting underneath what’s visible.   

I have the ability to guide you toward your inner world, to discover your habits and your why behind choices you make - which is much more powerful than saying “eat this, not that.”

And, the food piece certainly isn’t going anywhere. It’s not missing. It’s just shifting as a focus. 

I continue to use the science, psychology, and spirituality of food to help you make better choices. I use the food as an invitation, as a catalyst, for you to make choices on and off your plate. 

I can and do still give guidance to “eat this, not that.” But, that guidance won’t last if you don’t know why you’re making that choice in the first place.

Over the last year, as I have reframed how I am working with clients and done more research on how I can best support you, I realize that food plays a role but its science is no longer the main event. There are plenty of bloggers out there that can satisfy your recipe needs and your scientific research.

What I learned in the last year is that connecting with my inherent gift of taking you deeper is where the magic really happens.

So, if you loved my recipes and food snaps on Instagram, I am grateful for your support. But, as you already noticed, I’m not focussing on those as much these days (though don't miss my food filled stories). 

The message I am most called to share these days is about you - it’s about supporting you and your growth and allowing you to feel deeply nourished with food and beyond food. 

  • It’s about learning how to enjoy food and not be scared of food.

  • It’s about how to quit obsessing over food and be devoted to using food as self-love.

  • It’s about letting your body guide you to food, instead of getting stuck in old habits and choices with food.

  • It’s about freedom and balance with food.

That, then, precipitates freedom and balance in so many other areas of your life. 

If you’re interested to discover more about your inner world, and all that leads to your food choices (or lack thereof) I encourage you to read about my new Diet Detox and Desire 4-month coaching program here. It’s the most depth I have ever provided, all wrapped into a deeply personalized program. 

I assure you, the other things around food aren't lost!! I still use my expertise in gut health and the holistic view of how the gut rules our tangible body systems and intangible inner connection. I still use the science of food to guide you toward more balance within. And, I can still offer you some delicious, allergen-friendly recipes ;)

But, if you want to make real change, my recipe development is not going to do it. Allowing the deep, inner work around Diet Detox and Desire to take place (getting underneath it) is much more effective. 

If you want to talk about how this might feel in your life, simply apply for the program here. If we are a good match, we’ll have a phone session and discuss your specific needs! 

The application does not hold any attachment or commitment. So, if you’re feeling a nudge, go for it! I’d love to talk more about it with you.

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