Last chance to join the Circle

It’s been a wild few weeks in my life as I moved into a new home and feel myself expanding in so many ways--spatially, emotionally, energetically.

And, it has me thinking… about how we almost always feel intense discomfort and uncertainty as we come up against a new expansion in life.

The hardest part is that you often don’t even realize what’s happening--that you’re about to open in a myriad of new ways--until you do. Then, someone mentions it to you or you finally sink back into yourself and you look back with an astounding, “wow, I really did that!”

It takes intentional reflection to notice all the ways that you grow, and it’s important to take the time to really acknowledge yourself.

This is one of the primary reasons I created the Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle, my first group coaching experience that starts soon.

Over the next four months, I’ll be guiding a small group of woman individually and collectively back to their Gut Wisdom.

As you reconnect with this inner power place, you can handle all of life’s challenges with more ease. Life always has ups and downs, so it’s not as if they’re going away, but you’ll learn how to bounce back from challenges rather than sit in them so long that they become paralyzing.

You’ll always be able to expand and grow from the experience of discomfort and uncertainty if you know how to best navigate it for your body, your mind, and your Soul--which is what Gut Wisdom teaches you.

Needless to say, I am so excited to watch each woman in the group move into her Gut Wisdom, and her own potential, even more.

But, the Circle is not yet complete.

There is space for one more woman to join. And, I wonder if it’s you?

If you’re reading this, it’s clear that you are ready for your next step. You’re ready to expand into all that you know life can be… from your health to your relationships and all the big things that are calling (from out in the world or within your home).

You can feel deep in your heart that something more is available for you.

Even though your life is already great, there’s a longing for something that you can’t quite name. But, you feel it. There can be more.

And, it’s absolutely OK to want more. It simply means you’re not feeling whole quite yet. Yet, when you fill that space with your own deep trust, and you begin to know what feeling whole really means for you, the longing will subside.

Your Gut Wisdom guides you there.

If you’d like to explore this place with me and an intimate group of hand-picked women, click here. We can set up a phone call in the next few days and talk through what this means for you.

Plus, I have been careful to accept women who are really aligned and ready for this inner work so that everyone feels well matched.

It’s going to be a powerful expansion!! If you're feeling even a little nudge or a big inner yes, it's definitely your time. Reach out before the space is filled!

Talk soon,