Need a restorative getaway?

For more than five years, I have had a dream about connecting with you in-person. It has been an image in my mind (and in my journal) about coming together to enjoy nourishing food in a quiet and contemplative environment, with an intimate group of women to share and connect with. And, it’s finally happening!

This year, I am launching Restorative Journeys, as both small group retreats and private (one-on-one) retreats. And, if you are a client with me going forward, this will be included in our work together. Yes, included!!

Just imagine yourself waking up in a cozy bed and opening your eyes to the beauty of nature out your window. And, since you didn’t need to set an alarm, your body is really rested. You move slowly to start your day, knowing that you have no agenda and no one else but yourself to care for during our time together.

As you make your way to the common area of the house, you find coffee or tea made and breakfast prepped to be cooked just for you. I’ve already created the menu in advance with the most detail-oriented options you need. And, it’s all made to order.

You join me or others outside for morning journal time, in silence. Then, whatever feels like the next best step… reading, stretching, meditating, connecting with the group.

After breakfast, we incorporate movement in the outdoors. No matter the season, it feels just right… yoga on the deck, a walk by the stream, a gentle hike, snowshoeing.

Then, back to the house for a rest. Sitting by the fire, you pick up your book and cup of tea while enjoying snacks--always snacks!

The afternoon may include deep coaching pockets, creative planning, vision boards, coloring books, or whatever your Soul calls for.

Since we’ll follow our Gut Wisdom throughout the day, there will be options but no set agenda. This is truly a time to restore.

After your personalized dinner, we’ll gaze at the stars and share our intentions with the moon. You’ll turn in for the evening knowing a great night’s sleep is imminent, dreaming about all we envisioned that day.

Then, you’ll wake up and do it again.

These Restorative Journeys will take place in the beauty of nature, with incredible accommodations, and allergen-friendly food. If it’s your private retreat, details will be curated just for you. If it’s a group retreat, details will be curated for the collective circle of women. Either way, everything will be taken care of. You won’t have to do a thing!

Because coming together and allowing yourself to be cared for and restored is an important piece of your health and inner connection, it’s become a must for me to include in our work together.

So, if you become a private client with me this year, you’ll have a private retreat included in our package. All you have to do is show up!

If you join me for the Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle (that starts later this month) you will be invited to the first ever group Restorative Journeys retreat! For this, there will be a nominal fee to hold your place because space is limited.

This is going to be such a powerful time together and I can’t wait to do this with you!

If a custom retreat sounds like just what you need, and you’re ready to take things deeper in your life with me as your coach, click reply. We will get on the phone together and talk about the best options.

As your coach, whether we are in retreat together or on a phone session, I am leading you back to your truth and the deepest vision you hold of yourself--the one you know is possible even though you’re not there yet. I support you in finding your best life and best health, in the ways only you know how--by following your own Gut Wisdom.

This week, a client (who is no rookie to inner exploration) cried to me and said, “this is the most powerful work I’ve ever done.” And, I cried with her. I love my clients and it is my honor to guide and support each of you in this way.

So, if you're feeling the call to retreat with me and find this powerful place together, let’s talk. Click here and we'll schedule a time to get on the phone next week.

Until then, you can see my latest private client retreat photos here. It was magical!


PS. If you skipped to the bottom, you missed how to have a personally curated retreat with me!