End of the year treat

Well hey there,
How was your November? I can’t believe the month flew by and Thanksgiving is already over. I’ve been in the feel-good stages of settling in to my new house (it’s finally feeling like home). And, I’ve been guiding an amazing group of women toward the depths of their Gut Wisdom within my Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle.

Things have been showing up powerfully in the Circle! 

Last week, we covered holiday stressors, preparing each woman for their own experience of Thanksgiving… whether they were cooking, hosting, traveling or visiting. Because, what each woman had plans for didn’t matter. 

But, how they showed up and found their own joy and gratitude did matter.

There was a relieving exhale from each woman as we worked through expectations and fears and found the most simple solutions for what had previously felt really overwhelming. 

I left that group session feeling so proud of each woman… and wanting to share that experience with more of you.

I want to offer you the guidance to get through this next month and holidays with ease and grace, instead of stress and overwhelm. I want you to cherish every moment of enchantment that the holiday season can bring, if you allow it. I want you to feel grounded and able to choose the experiences that feel the most aligned and amazing for you--without any doubt or guilt about taking care of yourself. 

Because, it really is possible!

As I sat with this experience, I got a clear message that I am to share something special with you this season. So, I've created an end of the year treat!

This month, I am offering single, private coaching sessions at a discounted rate. And, I've opened more spots on my calendar to connect with you this month. 

Single coaching sessions have not been available for new clients in over two years! And, to make it extra sweet, I am offering 50% off of the a-la-carte-session price. 

Why? Because, I really want to support you with this and because my schedule and private offers are totally shifting next year. 

Whether you’ve worked with me before doesn't matter--this offer is for anyone. The 80-minute session will be long enough that we can go deep, and make significant progress on whatever you need support with right now.

If you know you’re ready to dive in for a deep coaching experience, you can purchase and book your session here.

Once you book the session, you'll fill out a quick online Intake Form and we'll be all set. 

But, you don't have long to think about it which is perfect if you're truly ready... because, when your Soul tells you it's the right match, it's an easy yes.

You can only purchase these sessions now through Sunday, December 2. All sessions must be scheduled and used within the month of December. Then, they’re gone!

Moving in to 2019, my private coaching availability will be very limited. In order to work with me privately, there will be a several month commitment and a significant investment. My offerings next year will be high touch, intimate experiences with in-person private retreats included, so I'll be taking very few clients as a result (and, I can't wait to share that with you soon!!).

If signing on for a long term contract hasn’t felt possible for you, but are ready for support, now’s your chance.  

Let me know if you have any questions, by clicking reply. Otherwise, remember you have just a few days to take advantage of this offer. 

These sessions are here to help you tap into your own inner guidance, to help you notice what gets in the way of following your truth. At a time when you are often giving more to others, this is a way to reality check yourself--are you doing what you truly want to be doing, or you just following along?

We will deeply explore what you’re bumping up against right now in your life, and in this season. I will guide you toward your Gut Wisdom and, in turn, help you make way for your absolute desires--showing up with full authenticity, finding your most integrated version of self care and following it all without reservation (that shows up as self doubt, shame and judgement). These sessions will help you make this month easier and more magical than you could have imagined.*

To find your own exhale of relief this month, book your half-priced Gut Wisdom coaching session here

I look forward to sharing this with you,

P.S. If you skipped to the bottom, you missed single, private coaching sessions at a 50% discount. Book here before December 2nd to use before the end of the year. 

*These words inspired by Spirit Daughter