10 ways to love yourself today

In the past few weeks, I've really been immersed in the practice of self-love. Not in some cheesy way but seeking real and compassionate love toward me and my expectations of myself.

In fact, I shared a video about it last week, here, in my private Facebook community.
I talked about something I've really been up against lately... I have been deep in self-doubt, in comparing myself to others and having a really hard time trusting my process. 

Do you ever get that way? 
Are you feeling it right now?

This day, as a commercial holiday about love can often spark similar feelings. Unrealized expectations and comparison show up big time! If you don't have a romantic partner and want one or if you have one and they don't oblige to the Hallmark standards of this day - it can be rough. 

Maybe you're feeling it in your professional life, like me, and desiring to make amends.

No matter where things are showing up, there are some ways you can bring more attention and love to yourself, today!

10 ways to love yourself today :

  1. Ask. Ask your inner little girl what she wants. Pause, and envision yourself as a happy and vibrant child, under the age of 7. You can do this on a walk, as you meditate, or in the shower. Try and see your current life and struggles through her eyes. What is she missing? What would make her so happy, that you could do right now? It'll likely come through as a visual or a feeling, so trust what you notice. Now, add that to your calendar ASAP (it may include one of the following)!

  2. Play. Create room for you to really, truly, play, in whatever way feels best to you. Maybe it's about more play with your children, like rolling around on the floor with them. Maybe it's getting on a swing at the park or doing something you used to do as a child, including a sport you loved. Or, maybe it's super grown up like having sex. The key is to be uninhibited, and let your body feel freedom.

  3. Dance. Get your groove on with your favorite tunes. You can have a "silent disco" with earphones in or go full blast and dance around your house. In the car doesn't count. You need to freely move here, too, so your body can let go.

  4. Sing. Obviously, singing goes along with dancing. And, get this - I recently learned that the vibration we create when singing has actual healing properties (one of my practitioners is writing a book about it). You can raise your inner vibration, boost your immunity and release some old stagnant energy while you're at it.

  5. Stretch. Stretching is a true form of anti-aging self care, since we lose 1% of our flexibility every year after about 23. This also helps loosen up bound energy in the muscles. Often, we hold stress in the tissue, so this is a way to move it out. Do yoga, or lay on the floor and move with your intuition - make this into play or add some music and sing while you do it. These don't have to be individualized options.

  6. Bathe. Allowing yourself to sink into a bath and do nothing, has so much value. Adding in magnesium or Epson salts detoxifies the body. Adding in baking soda is said to detox you energetically. And, adding in essential oils, dried flowers or lighting a candle adds to your sensory experience. Try to avoid reading or listening to something during your bath, since the hot water actually supports your body letting go and getting out of "to-do" mode. Try to allow more space, rather than fill it! That means, please, no phone or photos in the bath.

  7. Nature. One of the most essential ways I remember who I am and what matters in life is by going into nature. I become fascinated by the trees, the birds, the clouds - and remember that there is so much more happening in this moment than what I am fretting over. Taking a simple walk in your neighborhood can be more exciting than you'd expect. And, getting into a park or green space can feel super rewarding. Plus, if you can get into nature first thing in the morning (within 30 mins of waking up), it supports your hormone balance and boosts adrenal health.

  8. Create. I suggest creating something that you normally wouldn't. Making crafts, writing a card or even cooking a meal counts as creation. Cutting out magazine images and styling them into a vision board is perfect, but creating from scratch can support your brain even more. Drawing, cutting blank pages into shapes, writing a letter instead of email as correspondence, making a meal without a recipe. Create just to create, without attachment to the outcome - that's the hardest and best option of all!

  9. Give. There are studies showing the impact giving has on us - to make us happier and bring a sense of purpose. I like to donate money to causes that support nature because animals and land can't speak for themselves. But, generosity does not have to be about money! Give where your heart guides you. Maybe it's taking items to a local shelter, food bank, or family in need. Maybe it's giving that thing you created to a loved one or reading to dogs at the animal shelter. Just pick one and you're bound to feel the difference you make.

  10. Gratitude. Much like giving, gratitude is scientifically proven to improve health physically, psychologically and mentally. I often tell my clients when things feel hard to pause and take a moment to reflect in gratitude. It can be that simple. Or, if you want to do more try these four questions to end your day:
    What are you grateful for today?
    What was your biggest challenge today?
    What was your greatest success today?
    What was the best part of your day?

    This practice increases your capacity for feeling what's really happening in your life and is one of my favorite things to do to close my day of work. I often write these in my journal. But, they can also be done out loud with your family at the dinner table, with your child as you tuck them into bed or as you lay in bed before sleep.

I am certain that you can find room to do at least one of these today, as an expression of love toward yourself. And, that you're heart is going to feel more full as a result. 

I'd love to hear what you choose and what feels the most exciting and fun to you - or what you're little girl really insists upon!

Share with me by clicking reply or on social media (links below). I'll post mine on Instagram.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Sending you so much love for being you,