Making space

Today, as I sat on the patio of a cafe, enjoying 75-degree Colorado weather, I was tuning in to what would be the best thing to share with you after last month's Dreaming vs Creating series. And, I just kept hearing the words, "make space."

That series, which you can read here, had a lot of content. I invited you to assess your life and schedule, to take action, and to ultimately create your perfect days and ideal life. No biggie!

This is not an easy task and not a cookie-cutter formula. In fact, my ideal days this month are already looking different than they were last month.

But, making space to listen for what feels best right now, is the most important thing.

Creating an ideal schedule and an ideal life means creating space for what feels good, inside and out. There will always be the ebbs and flows of life, so learning how to flow with them is super important. Letting go, again and again, and re-evaluating what we need is not something we've been taught to do. Yet, creating the space to do so is a must for our mental, physical and spiritual health.

This does not mean that we have to have thirty minutes in silence every day, or do something that feels strict or proper. Creating space is finding the place where you feel most like yourself. It is typically a place where you can feel at peace. This is also usually a place where you are able to hear your body's dynamic language and ultimately form a relationship with your Gut Wisdom that lies within. This is where you can really trust yourself.

It is often the still spot where your troubles go out the window and you can be really present right now. You know that feeling!

So, it's time to ask - are you making space for you?

Do you know what that place feels like? Is it the walk around your local park, is it the time you take for cooking, is it journaling or meditative time, or is it laying on the floor with your dog? Is it when you're vacuuming or folding laundry or watching a funny movie? It really is more of a feeling than an action. So, take note of what feels light and good and easy, and you may have found it!

No matter what it is, this space allows you to heal in so many ways.

Do you feel capable of creating the space you need to heal your body, to nourish yourself, and connect with your desires?

If not, what do you feel is holding you back?
Were you able to see the imbalances in your Dreaming vs Creating exercises?
Are you able to feel in your body what it might be?
Can you notice where things feel obligatory, heavy and not super fun?

Once you think about these questions, you may land on a solution. If not, start to write about it in your journal and see where it leads you.

You can prompt yourself by writing:

I create space for me by...
What I most need for myself right now is...
I am being held back in my own healing and spaciousness by...
What I need to break through and really heal is...
The things that would create the most balance for me right now is...

And, if you need more support, reach out!

I would love to help you make space for all that you desire in your life, to balance your health and your passions, without feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

My calendar for the Diet Detox Desire program is filling up for April, so if you're interested in working through this, to find your own space and step into healing, apply here. All applicants receive a free Discovery Coaching session to see if we are the right match. No strings attached.

Otherwise, bring the conversation to my private Facebook group. I'll be doing a live video on this topic today.

See you there,