When women prioritze themselves

I just got back last night from an amazing time in Hilton Head, where I was cooking for a group of women in retreat. It was so lovely and beautiful. The beaches were spacious and empty, the trees had me in awe of their presence, and I saw so many magical birds and animals (like dolphins right outside our house, every day). 

Not to mention, the company of these women was so wonderful. It was a really nourishing time in so many ways. And, I am exhausted! 

That's the funny thing about travel - it can be draining even when it's fulfilling. I am sure you know the feeling. But, it doesn't have to be this way. 

Today, I am tired because I was working on this trip. It was not a vacation, even though I snuck in some restorative downtime. I was there to hold sacred space for this group of women and take care of logistics and cooking for them. I love this work! I enjoyed every second of it and yet I need some extra time to restore myself. 

I have long been finding the balance between health and work and living life - something I feel is really missing in our lives. And, I feel that learning what that means for us is really important. So, even though I am writing you today, I am not taking clients this week and not returning emails until I can recharge. That's my balance. 

It can be really hard to know and find what that balance feels like for you - in your work and health and life. Whether you're in a corporate job or an entrepreneur or what I call the CEO of your household (mom, wife, etc), it can be hard to prioritize your own body and balance in the wake of everything else you're doing. 

So, I was truly inspired by the women I cooked for this week. They knew what they needed for balance. They chose to ask for support so they didn't get overwhelmed or leave their getaway feeling exhausted. 

They recognized that it was important to feel nourished without feeling drained by the details of food. So, they could truly connect with one another and receive nourishment, in body, mind, and soul, with more ease. 

They were willing to prioritize their physical and mental health so they could truly relax.

Isn't that powerful?!

As you go through the rest of your week, I encourage you to use this as a reminder... a reminder that balance is possible. It's possible to feel well in each area of your life so that you can reach your desires and make your ideal life a reality. It's possible to truly relax, to truly feel nourished and to truly recharge - while traveling or at home. 

If you find yourself holding your breath or shaking your head at this, because it feels totally impossible right now, let me know (this is a big piece of how I work with you in my Diet Detox Desire program)!

I want you to feel inspired to choose you and choose balance! 

So, I invite you to commit to one thing this week that can support you. Share with me what you choose, and I'll help you hold space for it and keep you accountable. 

Don't over think it - just let your body guide you. As strange as it may sound, I'll be prioritizing sweat! After being in the humid weather this week, and sweating a lot while I was outside walking and biking, that's what my body is asking me to carry over. It can be hard for me (in dry Colorado) to get a good sweat on in winter. So, I'll be hitting the stationary bike and the sauna this week. While my mind is questioning how that'll help me get rested, my body says it's a must! 

Grab your journal or go for a walk to get clear on what you most need this week. Ask yourself questions about what would feel really good.

Then, make it happen!

If you're interested in what I cooked for these women to stay in their balance, click here to view a gallery of imagesThe local shrimp with cabbage slaw and coconut rice, above, was a big hit!


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