Let's stop glorifying busy

This week, I’ve found myself telling clients that it’s time to follow what actually feels good, even if it feels simple or like you're not doing much. This is especially true when it feels like it’s not enough.

If you’re constantly running around being busy, you're anxious and exhausted... Yet, you feel like not doing all the things or not being busy isn't enough, it's time to check that.

I am so tired of the glorification of busy; it’s harming your body, it’s affecting your mental-emotional state and it’s causing you to compare yourself and your life to others. 

This over-stressing causes your digestive system to become sensitive, your hormones to become imbalanced and your nervous system to be on alert. It causes your level of attention to shrink (resulting in constant distraction-seeking) and diminishes your ability to get quiet and tune in to your inner gut wisdom. 

We are living in a world where being busy is something that’s been praised. It has become the benchmark for how you are living your life. In fact, there’s a meme that I've seen this year that says something like “being an adult is just feeling busy and telling people how busy and tired you are.” 

But, it doesn’t have to be this way! 
You can choose what you want to do.
You can choose what feels really good.
You can choose what really nourishes you in all the right ways!

I have discovered lately that even the best intentions to slow down and tune in are not easy to follow through for most of us. So, here’s a simple tip to try out this weekend: Choose what feels good. 

When you’re annoyed at what you "have to do," notice its level of priority. Does it have to be done now? Will it change your life if you postpone?

If you’re avoiding what you “have to do,” and find yourself in distraction (facebook, emails, instagram, tv, alcohol, hand in a bag of chips or spoon in a tub of peanut butter), catch yourself and pause. 

Really pause. 

Notice what would feel better than this distraction. Could you set your phone down and just watch the people around you? Could you go for a walk in silence? Could you eat your meal alone and notice all the layers of flavor and texture in it? Could you wash the dishes with deep presence? Could you fold the laundry giving thanks for your fabulous wardrobe?

The more you have awareness that you’re being busy or in distraction, the more capable you are to shift it. 

I get it—we have to adult and do things that aren’t always fun. But, you don't have to stretch yourself thin being busy. 

The more willing you are to commit to yourself, and choose things that you get to do vs have to do, the better your health and life will feel!

Since this is a theme in my work this week, I want to talk about it here and let you know, having a coach can help. Using a transformational coaching method, I help you look at where to prioritize, in food, in fun, and in trusting how your body guides you toward what feels good. 

I help you come from a place of passion to live your best life and of devotion to your body rather than a list of “shoulds” that don't get you very far.

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I’d love to help you find what truly nourishes you so you can quit being busy and feel like you're choosing every moment of your ideal life with ease!

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