Stress and Your Soul


I am officially back from my July break and am so happy to be back here with you. In some ways, it was hard for me to step away from my regular business duties and do things differently this last month. But, it’s been so necessary.

You may remember a few months ago when I told you Brandi Mackenzie HQ was going to be moving. Well, it’s about that time. In just a couple of months, I will be moving into a new home and office space that is so dreamy… but there’s a challenging “gap” move in the meantime.

While I did not know this was coming when I scheduled my July break, my Soul told me wayyy in advance that I was going to need the space. So, I took full advantage.

Each morning, I got up and took a walk, made my matcha and watched the Tour de France on tv (my favorite summer event to watch). Then, I usually set some goals for the day in my journal and worked no more than 2 hours on my biz. I didn't take any client sessions and I didn’t take on any new projects. To my clients, I described this as an integration month. We all need time to integrate what we’ve been “working on” or learning, and July is the perfect month to do so in the northern hemisphere because we are deep in the playful, expansive energy of summer.

So, while I had a lot of logistics to handle that were extremely stressful, I made sure that I had time for play and things that brought me joy--not just to-dos.

I hiked, I went to the pool, I picked flowers, I took up golf after a long hiatus, I rested, I went shopping, I watched a set of baby hawks in my neighborhood learn to be independent. And, I dealt with a lot of challenges and discomfort.

The stress of having to move, temporarily between homes, made me actually sick. My gut was a wreck, my immunity crashed, my sleep suffered, and I was not in a great mood. So, I had to come back to some tried and true things that I knew would steady my body and my mind (which was getting the best of me). These included finding the deepest trust I could in the situation which was SO-freaking-hard!

What I learn, over and over again, is that no matter how much we want to be in control of life, we are simply not in charge. Yes, it is true that you can make choices and shift your mindset and decide how you respond to things, but no matter who you are, you cannot control life.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been trying to control life, even when you think you’re “letting go.”

I believe I learned my first real lesson in letting go when I had my head injury back in 2006. It was a complete recalibration of how I lived my life and who I could be in the world. I lost pieces of who I thought I was and I found pieces that had been buried for years (maybe lifetimes). It was then, without quite knowing it, that I began to reconnect with my Soul self.

If you’re familiar with Soul as the deepest and truest part of you, then you get it. If you’re not as familiar, I’ll explain.

We have a greater purpose that guides us, and I see that as our Soul. In my study and life experience, I believe that we, as Souls, come into these bodies with a plan. We make a Soul contract before we incarnate and our Soul knows exactly what we can handle in this lifetime*. Our Souls have a purpose that is far greater than we can imagine with human brains, in most given moments. But, I believe that our life purpose is to remember who we are, as a Soul being, and learn to live from that guidance. And, that’s what I help women do as a coach. This has become more and more clear to me, on a Soul level, than ever before.

While I’ve often talked about an inner place of guidance as our Gut Wisdom, the Soul is bigger than that. So, I’ll be referring to your Soul for what she is in the future. I believe in Gut Wisdom, which I consider more as your body’s wisdom, as something we must hone and use. For some, that Gut Wisdom can be a more tangible guide. I see Gut Wisdom as the gateway to your Soul, a gateway to your true essence.

The Soul’s story and power is forgotten at birth for most, and it’s often bypassed with spiritual practices or made out to be something it’s not. Your Soul is not airy-fairy-sparkly-rainbows-in-a-lotus-position. She is grounded, she is truth, she can be messy. Your Soul asks you to feel your feelings, even when they’re uncomfortable. Your Soul guides you from love, even in that discomfort. And, your Soul is often being “second-guessed” or challenged by your ego (your mind, brain chatter, judgment center, etc). But, She is not separate from you.

Your Soul is who you are.

So, while my vision and beliefs are the same as always, you’re going to hear me going deeper with this in my work. Namely, you’re going to hear me talk about your Soul more.

While I have been coaching this way since the beginning, I am ready to embrace my Soul’s path even more to help you find yours (and it still includes food, because that’s how we nourish this Soul body).

A client recently wrote to me, “Soul recovery is hard work and you are an awesome, intuitive, inspired guide.” And, I knew this was the sign for me to step out and name this.

What I know from my own experience, from having many deeply Soulful mentors, and being a part of Soul-centered community, is that Soul work can be painful. And, the only way to stick with it is by having support.

I’m ready to talk with you openly about it, because reclaiming and reconnecting to a deep piece of who you are may be at the root of your health imbalances and emotional or relationship challenges.

I have created a new group offering for this deep work, that will begin in October, which I am so thrilled to share with you. So, keep your feelers out to learn more. Or, if you know on a deep Soul level that this is for you, click here to email me and I’ll put your name on the short list. It will be an invitation-only group, for those who are ready to take their health and life to the next level. Not an up-level, but an IN-level. It's about going deeper inside to know yourself, take care of yourself, and be yourself.

For now, know that any stress you experience can be transcended by first feeling it, then trusting your Soul and the experience she is guiding you through. Even when it’s super uncomfortable. Even when you don’t want to or don’t think you know how. Especially when you feel out of control of the situation. Your Soul knows exactly what you can handle and is your best (and only) true guide.

No matter what arises, you'll notice a feeling of relief once you find the trust. And that can truly change everything!

More soon,

*This has been documented in the fascinating books by Michael Newton, PhD

P. S. If you skipped all that about Soul, you might want to re-read. I've created a program to do more Soul-aligned work that starts this fall. Ready to go deeper?