Discomfort leads to Wisdom

This week, fall dipped into Colorado with cool temperatures and even a few leaves turning yellow. Normally, I am elated this time of year and soaking it all up. But, this week has been different. Instead of excited, I have been deep in discomfort. Not physically, but the kind of discomfort that feels like a volcano inside of you that may or may not erupt at any given moment. 

It feels like an inner agitation, an inner cloudiness, a disconnection from the clarity and drive I so often have. Which, in turn, makes me feel a little sad and confused.

Do you know that feeling? 

So often when I feel this way, I want to know why and I immediately want to fix it. But, I can’t figure out this time. I have meditated, written in my journal, and discussed it but nothing is showing me a reason. And, as annoying as that is, I am just being present in the space of discomfort--trusting that the message will come through as it is ready. Because, despite the discomfort, there's also a feeling that something is being awakened. 

Have you ever just let yourself be there? Totally in the discomfort? For a few minutes or even a few days?

I can say, it certainly isn't how I want to feel right now since I have so many things on my to-do list that I'd rather put my attention on. I'm sure you can relate. 

When you find yourself in this position, it’s very normal to numb the experience and try to convince yourself that you’re making it go away. 

Some of the ways you can dilute discomfort is with food and easy, everyday distractions. You may reach for more sugar, more caffeine, more comfort food. You may reach for your phone, checking for messages, social media updates or news which helps take the attention off of your own feelings. You may reach for something else, anything else, to pretend it’s not there and make it go away. This is just pushing it down further and further and, just like a volcano, someday it will erupt. You'll eventually have to feel it all in a massive (and possibly destructive) wave. 

This is the biggest mistake you can make when faced with discomfort. 

Because, what discomfort is here to tell you is that there’s something alive within you that you're missing and that needs to be seen. It is an awakening. 

-It’s not always what you want to see or hear
-It’s not always pretty
-Sometimes it’s so big and amazing you can hardly believe it
-But, it’s yours, and yours to see

Pushing that away is harmful because it may result in disease or imbalance in your body. And, because it goes against your true, Soul-led path.

This path, as I mentioned in my last email, can be hard to understand, hard to fathom, hard to listen to and trust.

Yet, it is an absolute must that you allow this trust to make its way in your life.

One way to do so is by learning to be uncomfortable because discomfort brings wisdom.

This wisdom is always yours. To capture it you must take the time to understand it. 

It took me more than a decade to get where I am today, where I can sit in the discomfort of my inner world without trying to run away. And, it is absolutely a practice. As one of my mentors said, we have to build discomfort tolerance to learn how to go deeper into our own experience (and, therefore, wisdom). 

To take these experiences deeper in your life, and truly tap into your Gut Wisdom, I have created a new group coaching program, the Sacred Gut Wisdom circle. 

This is a place for women like you to come together and learn about your own sacred energy... and how it is driven by food, habits, choices, and everyday experience. 

This intimate circle will be a place to learn, to share, and to practice honing the skills of your own Gut Wisdom, without running away from it. 

The group will be invitation only so that the collective vibration is aligned with each and every one of you to feel safe, supported, and connected.

If you are feeling the curiosity, the inner YES or even a bit of discomfort while reading this, it’s time to step into it rather than away from it. 

I’ll be sharing more details in the coming weeks, and via invitation. So, if you know this is something you need in your life, click here to email me and I’ll put you on the invitation list so that we can connect right away (since a few spots are already being claimed). We will book a time to get on the phone and discuss. 

Until then, notice when discomfort arises for you. And, notice what your tendency is toward it. If you can pinpoint the root cause, see where that leads you. If you can't figure it out, let it be.

Be willing to let the wisdom come through in its own time!