Find even more sacred alignment

My client work over the years has evolved from yoga to cooking to nutrition and intuition. Yet, within every phase, I have always taught the same core principle--that becoming more aware of your body, your tendencies, and your own inner voice are the most important guides of your life. 

Learning about these aspects of yourself are the most potent remedies for ailments, whether it be knowing your body so that you can relieve discomfort, knowing your habits so you can relieve stress, or knowing how to find your inner connection at any given moment so you can relieve overwhelm or indecision. 

That’s why, even if you feel you’re taking good care of yourself, you may also feel like something is missing. There may be a longing for something more that you can’t quite name. 

And, because your life is happy and you feel pretty good most days, it can be confusing. While you can’t quite pinpoint the missing link, your body is showing you it needs more support.

You’re intuitive, sensitive, and Soul-centered, so you sense things could be better. But, how?

Well, it’s time to ask if you’re ready? Are you ready to go deep into the root of what’s missing so you can live your most aligned and fulfilled life? Because finding alignment means so much more than you might expect! It is a sacred connection with yourself that leads to an even deeper connection with your body, health, food, emotions, relationships, boundaries, creativity, personal power and more.

If you're ready for this alignment, now is a perfect opportunity!

I am opening a group coaching program to help you find the why, and the how, to being in full alignment with yourself no matter what!

I have committed the last twelve years to teaching this work and living this work, so not only have I seen it’s power with my clients, I know from personal experience how potent it can be when you really dive in. 

But, the thing is, you really do have to dive in to do this work--it can’t be a side act that you dabble in. This is living life in your truth. You have to be committed, dedicated, and fully devoted to the process. 

And, this process is so much more valuable when you do it with others, when you have support, and when you gain the wisdom of a circle of women joining you. 

That’s why I have created the Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle!

In the Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle, I will teach you how to tap into your innermost wisdom even more than you already do. I will be guiding you toward even more trust in yourself, even more connection with yourself, even more being yourself. Plus, you’ll have the small and intimate trust of a circle to be there with you. These women will be here to witness you, to reflect back to you, and to be in the expansion with you. Doing this in circle is so powerful!

As I’ve mentioned in my last emails, this will be an invitation-only enrollment process. That means that if you would like to join, simply click reply and we can have a conversation about details and to see if we are a good match. 

I believe that finding your best health and your most aligned life is not a matter of being determined or capable--it’s about finding your own Gut Wisdom so it can always guide you!

If you’re ready to be led back to your Gut Wisdom, through the Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle, let’s talk. Click here to email me and I’ll get back with you about a time to connect. 

Look forward to hearing from you, 

TransformationBrandi Mackenzie