Ready for more depth (and, to finally follow your Soul voice)?

I just closed up the last session of the Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle and continue to be inspired by what each woman experienced in our four months together. 

It’s been incredible over the years to see the evolution of my clients as well as what they want to focus on during our coaching sessions. The things that I used to really dig in for are now what these women are craving as a regular experience--they are longing to go deeper!

And, I am curious if this is a longing you are noticing? 

You’re looking at your life--which feels quite good as a whole--but you notice that you’re not showing up us fully as you’d like. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s going on, but you can feel there is something out of alignment. 

💜 Even though you’re a confident woman, you still doubt yourself in certain situations. You often still go along with “shoulds” inside your head instead of really following your heart. 

💜 Since you’re intuitive and you notice subtleties, you find yourself looking for signs that you’re on the right track. Yet, you’re still doubting things. 

💜 Despite your relationship with a select inner circle, you’re still missing a deeper connection. You’re noticing that aside from these solid relationships, you’re feeling an inability to really be yourself. 

Underneath it all, you feel ready for more. 

That’s why I am thrilled to announce that I am opening enrollment for my Private Coaching & Retreat Package today. 

But, I only have ONE space! Another woman jumped on the chance last week and so it truly is a limited experience.  

In this seven month, intimate, and highly expansive coaching program, we'll work to connect you even more deeply with you--with your Soul voice. 

Your Soul voice is the deepest wisdom that you can tap into, it is beyond the stories of the mind and all the logic that holds you back. Your Soul voice is a place you know lives within, but you have a hard time following. 

After working deeply with clients in the last two years, I have come to see that silencing your Soul voice is causing an almost undistinguishable discomfort and feeling of misalignment. It's the root of all your doubt, your perceived disconnection, and your inability to be the most absolute true version of yourself. 
To reestablish this connection, and trust yourself enough to follow your Soul voice, we'll come together through private coaching and in a private retreat (you can read more about that here).

During this time together, I'll use Soul-based intuitive wisdom, mind-body psychology, and transformational coaching techniques to help you find more guidance from your Soul voice. 

As you follow that voice, you'll feel more trust, connection, and confidence in your everyday life. 

If you're ready to take your inner connection even deeper, to finally follow the voice of your Soul in any given circumstance, I am ready to support you!

Email me and tell me why this is your time, and why you need this in your life now. But, don't worry about the words--nothing formal or "perfect," please. Just you. 

After this space is filled, I'll be creating a wait list for future private openings. So, don't hesitate or worry that this isn't your time. In fact, I'd say that this is the sign you've been waiting on 😉

I can't wait to hear back from you,

P.S. If you skipped down here to the bottom: I have opened enrollment for ONE private client this month (which includes a private retreat with me)! 

P.P.S. Since the other space was taken before this announcement was formally made, you might want to check in with your Soul pretty quickly and decide if this is the time for you to go deeper! Email me and let me know.