Want to step away from it all?

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope that the start of 2019 has been a good one for you so far. I’ve seen so many memes about how “January was a long year but we made it,” and it honestly couldn’t agree more.

That’s why in late January I took myself on a solo R&R retreat. It felt so necessary! I flew to Northern California and rented a car so I could explore the coast and the redwood forests. But, chose to stay at a retreat center so that all of my meals were prepared by someone else and I had amenities like a steam room, hot tub and on-site yoga classes. It was so lovely. I had the freedom to explore but the structure to be taken care-of. Because, that’s something we all crave. 

I know you’re driven and focussed on getting shiz done in your life, and maybe even (cough, cough) a little controlling of your environment and schedule. So, letting go is not only hard but totally vital for your health and life balance. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel clear that what you really need is to be taken care-of. But, let the idea of it permeate for a minute and see what arises. How could that actually feel for you?

My guess is it could be a total relief!

Most of my clients tell me that they would love to go on a solo vacation, and just be taken care-of for a few days--to really step away from their normal life. But, they are worried about telling their significant other they need the alone time, they are worried about leaving their families, or they find it too hard to decide how and where to take themselves. The details can be overwhelming, and usually that makes them give up on the idea altogether. 

So, last year, I decided that every client who works with me in 2019 will have the opportunity to go on a retreat, personally curated by me.  All of the details will be taken care-of. You just have to get there. 

I will arrange local transportation, rejuvenative activities and make dedicated space for downtime. Plus, I will coordinate or cook all of the meals, perfectly suited for your body, and tune in to whatever else your Soul is really calling for. 

As my private client, you’ll get a private retreat experience in a location that your Soul guides us toward. It will be just you and me… you’ll get coaching throughout our days both casually woven in and in concentrated time blocks (such as while on a nature walk) that allow for powerful realizations. Plus, this is the only way to experience my chef services anymore 😉

We create a sacred space, get quiet and really connect inward, but it’s not so serious! We also laugh and truly enjoy our time, because that’s what restoring and rejuvenating is all about. 

The last client that I took into a private retreat was finally able to feel her nervous system relax after months of feeling anxious and off-kilter. She was able to transition into her next weeks (which included an educational course) feeling really centered and grounded. We were able to name some old habits that had been causing disruption in her health, and found a solution for those. So that after returning home, she felt more productive with her time and even completed some lingering projects. My favorite part was that she discovered something that she really loved during our retreat, that had been missing from her life completely. She then began to schedule that into her weekly routine, which was a huge breakthrough. All of this from three days together!

When you step away from the pressures, obligations, and schedule of everyday life, there’s more room for awareness and clarity. You can loosen your grip enough to see all that you’ve been doing or avoiding. You no longer miss the forest for the trees. You see both, which is magical!

If this rouses something in you and feels like it could actually be the perfect way for you to step away, I want you to really consider it. Instead of pushing that longing aside, again, really feel what it would be like to receive this spaciousness for yourself.

And, then get excited! Because, I am officially opening the doors for 2 private clients later this month--which will include coaching and a private retreat. I'll be writing again soon with more details. 

But, if this is something you know you need and would like to learn more about right now, email me and we’ll set up a time to discuss on the phone.

As you read from me a few months ago, this step of offering retreats has been a long time coming in my business, so I am seriously so excited. And, I’m not just saying that--I really feel passionate about you being able to step away from regular routines and into a space that feels safe and easy. I can’t wait for us to explore in this way together!

More soon,

PS If you’re a skimmer: I am opening up space for 2 private clients this month which includes a private retreat with me! 

PPS You can view photos of a past private client retreat here > click the highlights circle labeled Retreat.