I have a BIG announcement!

While I’m not usually posting blogs on Mondays, I have something big to share with you and it just can’t wait. 

I got a new website!

But, there is so much more to this than a new aesthetic. This new website was made to share my mission with you in a new way. 

What I do, and always have done, is help you connect with your Soul Voice. Your Soul Voice is the place “behind” your intuition. It gives your body and subconscious the messages that come through as your intuition.

And, while I know if you’re reading this, you have a relationship with your intuition, I am here to help you take it even deeper. 

So, there’s a major giveaway involved in this reveal!

The unveiling of this new website means a lot to me, because it means I can share with you the core work I have been doing over the last decade and, finally, all of the new and exciting packages I’ve created for us to work together. 

To give you an even greater opportunity to find support toward inner transformation, I am offering nearly $7000 in gifts. Yes, you read that correctly!

This week, I am opening up a Facebook Pop Up Group (more on that in a sec) and an opportunity for you to win one of four gifts:

  • $5000 off Private Retreat & Coaching Package

  • $1000 off Group Coaching Circle

  • $500 off Group Retreat in Colorado 

  • A Gift Box of Self Care Goodies worth $200+

I hope you’re getting excited!!

To be included in the giveaway, I want to connect with you. So, I’ll be hosting a private women’s Pop-Up Community on Facebook for the week. 

The work we do together is all about connection and inner exploration. Therefore, it requires a sacred space. To be eligible to win a major discount on my services, I want to get to know you even better--which I am thrilled about. 

Here are the details of how the giveaway works:

  1. First, read through the new website so that you have an understanding of what it means to follow (or ignore) your Soul Voice. Don’t worry, the pages aren’t long like my old site. 

  2. Then, join the private Facebook group here

  3. Once you’re in the group (which will be moderated to ensure authentic connection), I’ll be asking you to share some of your experience with your Soul Voice. 

I’ll be in the Facebook group every day this week to talk with you about your challenges and successes with following your Soul Voice--and how I can support you. I’ll be there explaining the giveaway gifts and each of my packages in much more detail. And, I may even be offering bonus ways to get more “entries” toward these gifts. 😉

If you are ready to allow more trust, connection and confidence into your everyday life--and have a significant discount in working together toward this--now is your time!

Read through the website, join the group, then join the conversation!

I so look forward to seeing you there this week,