Are you stuck in an outdated routine?


Something that’s been coming up in the last several months with my clients (and even my friends and colleagues) is the idea that what you’re doing right now isn’t enough. 

This can be true for many things, because I know you’re a high achiever, but mostly I’ve been helping people work through this with their idea of self care. 

It just feels like what I’m doing right now isn’t enough. 

If you’ve been in my community for awhile, you know that I’ve spoken about self care in many ways over the years--but now the term "self care” is all over the place. 

It is often associated with the ever-photogenic bubble bath and glass of wine. And, if I’m honest, there’s nothing worse to me than seeing someone taking a photo with their phone in the tub, feet up on the spout. Anytime I see this kind of photo, I internally yell (yes, yell), “we don’t need to see that shit! Put the phone down and lose the wine. Be in the moment without distraction and let your nervous system gain the benefits of that bath!” It drives me bananas to see the sharing for comparing. 

Because self care is more mainstream now, you have the external pressures (like said photos on your IG stream) making you think you need what you’re seeing everyone else do. 

This is where we get it all wrong. 

The issue is knowing exactly what self-care means for you. 

Here’s where it gets hard: knowing what it means for you right now!

When you’ve been in the personal development lane for awhile, you’ve tried it all. You’ve done the yoga, the green juicing, the journaling and the meditating. And, I am certain they held value for you at some time. 

But, what if they’re not what your body and Soul is calling for now?

Can you let go of what your mind thinks it wants you to do and actually tune in more deeply?

Can you move out of the past and into the present time version of yourself to see what she needs?

Can you ask your Soul voice to tell you what is best in this time of your life, and then follow it?

I mean, wouldn’t that be miraculous?! To actually know and follow what the present time version of yourself needs and wants.

Do you think you can do it?

Or, are you going to force your way through another “self care routine” that is totally outdated for you? 

This is some of the real life inner turmoil we come up against when we have tried a lot and studied a lot. For instance, you know that yoga has benefit. You used to do yoga a lot. It felt good back then. But, gah, you just can’t stand going to a yoga class right now where the teacher’s overly practiced yoga voice has you rolling your eyes. And, trying to do it at home is met with mad resistance. 

This is where you have to work with 1) discernment and 2) present time choice

Working with Discernment

Discernment is how you decipher the difference between the voice of your head (reason, logic, etc) and the voice of your Soul. 

  • Is the knowing that yoga is "good for you" enough to get you in a class? Is it worth it?

  • Do you just need to find a better teacher that works for the present time version of you?

  • Is the resistance you feel at home a distraction to doing what is good for you or is it your Soul saying, “no, thank you, I don’t need this right now.” 

Working with Present Time Choice

Present time choice is knowing what you really need in this moment: today, right now. And, this is not something we have been taught to listen to or refine, and definitely not to follow. Our families and communities have told us that we do what is “best,” what is appropriate, and what won’t ruffle any feathers. 

  • So, what DO you want to do right now? Is it yoga?

  • Who’s gaining the most out of what you choose? I mean, you don’t want to make that teacher feel bad for not attending her classes anymore, yet it’s your time, your money, your body, and your emotional health that’s at stake. 

  • Does it need to be a big event on your mat with all the props? Or, could you do some stretches that you know would feel good, but just for 5-10 minutes on your bedroom floor then go for a walk? Or, just some stretching while you watch a Netflix documentary?

Discerning what your Soul voice is guiding you toward, and following that present time choice, is the best self care you will ever get. 

Stop feeling like what you’re doing now isn’t enough

So I beg of you to stop feeling that what you’re doing right now isn’t enough. 

Just because it’s not what you used to do, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It doesn’t mean you are not enough. It just means you need some fine tuning for what is right, right now. 

And, if you’d like to really dig into this and see where it’s happening in other areas of your life (because, I am certain it’s happening elsewhere), let me know. This is the type of work we do together in my Private Coaching and Retreat Package. 

You discern, you discover and you choose to listen to the present time calling (begging) of your Soul 🙏

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Until then,