Fear of judgement

Fear of judgement is something that we all have running in our lives. But, it may be hiding out in places you don’t realize. 

Last month, I held a group coaching session and asked each woman to explain a current challenge they faced in following their Soul Voice. 

Every woman shared a situation underlying with a deeper fear--the fear of judgement. 

But, it wasn’t immediately clear to them. Even after mentioning this theme to open our session, it was met with some question. 

And, yet, there it was… 
(names changed for privacy)

Keeping Nicole from setting boundaries for her family time
Keeping Katherine in a relationship that was draining her
Keeping Allison from stepping into a new phase of life that really nourished her
Keeping Melinda stuck and not pursuing one of her dreams

Each woman could feel what her Soul was encouraging, but was scared of being judged if she acted upon it. 

These fears of judgement were keeping them all from following their Soul Voice. 💔

Fear of judgement is not just about fearing what others may think of you. It’s also about fearing your own self-imposed judgement. 

When it comes to making the hard choice of doing what you know is right for you (what your Soul Voice is asking of you), guilt will inevitably arise. And guilt, as I see it, is really a form of self judgement. It all has the same root. 

So, how do you remedy this?

You have your own unique stories and traumas that dictate where this fear comes from. And, it is very personal to unwind and unpack. There’s not a simple solution, per se. 

But, it can be navigated more easily when you 1) become aware of it 2) share with a trusted person 3) find the ability to sit in the discomfort of your fear. 

Above all, the ability to move through this fear gets easier when you have support, reflection, and reassurance.

  • Support allows you to safely share your experience, to talk about the fear and not let it get the best of you.

  • Reflection allows you to hear from someone else that there may be stories and unrealistic expectations attached to your fears.

  • Reassurance allows you to recognize that you’re absolutely not alone in this fear.

Support, reflection, and reassurance are why I created a Group Coaching Circle in my practice. I believe that you should have a place to be with other women in sacred community and share all of yourself. 

I have seen women flourish in ways that they could neither fathom nor articulate when being in community with Soul driven women, and I want that for you!

So, keep your eye out, because this year’s Spring/Summer Group Coaching Circle will be opening soon. 🌸

I’ll be sharing with you in the next few weeks how being in community can offer incredible advancement in your ability to follow your Soul Voice. And, why this season is a potent time to do so. 

You’re not the only one who has fear of judgement in your life. But, if it's keeping you from following your Soul Voice, I want to help you with that.

If you already know you’re interested in connecting with women and doing this work together, click here to contact me and let me know. We’ll set up a phone call to chat about how a Group Coaching Circle could support you.

Until then, 

P.S. If working in a group setting for deep coaching is not your ideal, I have one spot open for May enrollment of my Private Retreat & Coaching Package. Let's set up a phone session to talk about it here