Are you facing this barrier?

Hey there,
I really enjoyed being with a small group of you in the Pop-Up Facebook group this last week for the giveaway. It was such a wonderful opportunity to get to know you better and see how you experience your Soul Voice. 

Something amazing happened with one woman that I want to all to know about: she noticed that challenges arose in her week were so much easier to navigate due to participating in the group. Because, she had her Soul Voice connection at front of mind. 

This is what having support and guidance is all about! 

When you are in consistent connection with others about this inner relationship, you have more awareness and tendency to follow what you’re feeling vs when it’s on the back burner. 

Let’s talk about that for a minute…

The biggest barrier my clients have in following their Soul Voice is guilt. 

They feel like if they are following their truth (be it declining an invitation, setting a boundary, or taking alone time), they will be judged.

These women fear judgement from others as well as judgement from themselves. 

What they never want to feel is selfish or mean, and they definitely don’t want to hurt others’ feelings. They want to be kind to others, but they also want to be kind to themselves. 

How do you navigate this experience in your own life? Do you notice that you hesitate to do what you really want because you worry about the repercussions?

Do you feel like you’re “the only one” who feels challenged by taking care of your wellbeing in an energetic and emotional way, and you’re confused about exactly how to make it work?

If so, I invite you to explore being in like-minded community and having the support of other women while you gain your confidence. 

I invite you to join me in a Group Coaching Circle 

Enrollment is officially open!

This Group Coaching Circle is a 4-month virtual women’s circle that integrates personal coaching and community to support you in following your Soul Voice. But, it’s more than meets the eye. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you stories of women who have struggled with following their Soul Voice and how they used small, practical steps to overcome. And, how having the support of other women radically advanced their capability to do so. 

If the idea of group coaching feels a little unknown or confusing for you, I’ve got the perfect way for you to try it. I’ll be offering a FREE group coaching event on Monday, April 15 at 6pm MT 📆

This will help you get a feel for what’s it’s like and see how powerful it can be to connect in a sacred space with other women. 

If joining in coaching with people you don’t know feels uncomfortable, please know that I will be diligent in maintaining the sacred quality of this event. To be sure that everyone in attendance is the right match, there will be a quick, 8-question application.

I have to tell you, the magic that happens in group events is hard to explain… it never ceases to amaze me that there is a clear subconscious agenda driven by your Soul. When you come together in this way, there is an instant camaraderie that happens. Inevitably, there are threads of the same experience that each woman has with one another and the power of sharing and working through it together is unlike anything else.

If you’re ready and know the Circle is what you need right now, let’s schedule a phone call to talk about it. 

If you are feeling something arise in your body but need to know more, mark your calendars for the free event.

Whichever feels best, email me and let me know.
I’ll get back to you personally with details.

Can’t wait to share more with you soon,