That's not what I planned

Being a Soul-led woman is not always easy, because it goes against the social norms and what we’ve been taught. It often goes against what our minds (and the minds of others) think we should be doing. 

I find it can be especially hard for me as an entrepreneur. I let my Soul guide me in what I share, in what I offer, and in how I work with you as a coach. But, to run a business, I also believe there has to be more “structure and strategy” implementation.

However, if I hold on too tightly to my logical “structure and strategy” ideas, I may have trouble hearing messages from my Soul Voice.

And, that’s exactly what happened this week as I was getting a very clear message about my Group Coaching Circle.

My Soul Voice came through and said that the way I presented it to you was not right. 

So, my mind protested with many things:
But, this is what you planned
But, this is what you told them
But, this is what you want to do

It took me a bit to gain clarity, and not without some ups and downs. I want to share this with you in full transparency so that you can see how following your Soul Voice works in real life circumstance. 

Last week, as I began writing you to share more about why I am offering a summer Circle this year and why this season is so potent, there was a feeling I can only describe as dull. 

This feeling had no logical explanation, because I am thrilled to offer a summer Circle, I love offering group coaching and I know this Circle is going to be powerful for those who join. I can feel that. And I don’t mean this metaphorically, my Soul Voice speaks through my body. I feel things 🔮

This week I felt dull. So, I called upon the support of my coach and we talked through it. I actually decided to cancel this summer’s Circle. 

But, I knew that wasn’t right either because I didn’t feel any better, per se. I didn’t feel a huge relief and just didn’t feel quite right about that outcome. So, I didn’t take any action. 

This is one of the tenants of following your Soul Voice that is typically avoided--taking time to pause. As was shared in the video interview from last week’s blog, pausing can make all the difference in your life. 

After some pause, some space and some letting go of how it was “supposed” to be, a bigger message came through. It was a message I couldn’t ignore, because it was so clear and dropped in so easily. 

I most trust my Soul Voice when things feel effortless, because that’s how life really should be! So, I trusted when I heard: move forward with the Circle in a new way. 

This Group Coaching Circle is going to be different that I originally planned, and I think you’ll benefit even more!

While the foundation of this Group Coaching Circle will be on following your Soul Voice, this Circle will have a specialty focus on BOUNDARIES.

(yes, I am saying that loud 🗣️)

Boundaries are often extremely challenging for empathic, sensitive women because you are so kind. You never want to hurt anyone's feelings and you find it hard to speak up for your unique needs. Yet, boundaries must be honed and practiced and honored in order to follow your Soul Voice.

The misconception many women have about boundaries is that they are only in place to keep things out of your life. But, as I learned from my boundaries mentor, Randi Buckley, they are actually about keeping what you most want prioritized in your life.

If you are not clear on what boundaries are and have not worked with this idea before, this Circle is not the one for you. If you understand boundaries but know they could be stronger, this is the Circe for you!

My Soul Voice was very clear about other changes to the group, as well. 

This summer’s Group Coaching Circle will have:

  • A focus on Boundaries

  • A mid-June start date

  • A shorter duration, lasting 3 months (instead of 4)

  • 8 group sessions for plenty of accountability

  • A lower cost, nearly $1000 less than originally shared (payment plan available)

  • Materials and worksheets to help you along in the process of working with boundaries

And, I’ve got to tell you, my Soul is LIT UP with these changes. I am so darn excited about it!! 🔥 

If this speaks to you, let’s get on the phone and talk about details and see if it’s the right match. If you schedule a call this coming week, before Memorial Day, I’ll also have a bonus for you valued at $500. 

Schedule a time to talk here, or email me with any questions!
More soon, 

P.S. If you skimmed: the Group Circle has been updated. Lower price, shorter time and now with a focus on boundaries