Choosing your best life is hard

Are you living life in the present moment or are you stuck in an outdated routine?

I asked this question a few months ago when I wrote about self care and I wonder how it's landed for you?

This conversation continues to arise because:
1 - it’s so easy to become complacent in your everyday routines 
2 - it's more comfortable to avoid revisiting what’s best for you in the moment

I see this with my clients in regard to self care routines, with boundaries (specifically in work and long-standing relationships) and with how they spend their time everyday. 

I consistently find myself advocating to my friends and colleagues that they take ownership of their present time needs to best serve their families, their clients and--most importantly--themselves. 

In my own life, stepping into what's best for me right now, has been hard. I have a hard time disconnecting from what "used to be" great for my body, my schedule and my mental wellbeing. And, since I'm guessing that feels hard for you, too, I wanted to try and describe the way this has actually felt for me on an emotional level. It's not been comfortable at all.

Last fall I felt a word drop into my consciousness that felt like “my word” for this season of life. And, it's taken some time for me to embrace what it means. 

Over the last two years, I've been shifting my inner world of emotions, mindset and thoughts, which has been the most difficult, by far! It took a lot of refinement--like, changing every month as I changed--but these eventually began showing in my outer world.

The way I approach my work, my marriage and my self care has shifted. My schedule has been adjusted and my relationships have been reevaluated. My commitment to myself has always been strong but it's like I've broken through a threshold this last year.

As a friend said to me last week, "You're not moving into a new chapter, Brandi. You're moving into a new book!" I've got to tell you, I am ready for this new book 📕

We all want to up-level our lives, in some ways--our health, our commitments, our devotion to our Soul Voice are what I see most. But, it's pretty uncomfortable to go there and hang out in our discomfort or discontent and then make the hard changes to get what we want. 

It's easier to jump out of the discontent, push our desires aside and not follow the Voice of our Soul that we hear begging us to expand into what's next.

The word that continues to inspire me for this season of my life is expansion.

I wonder if this might resonate with you, too?

I feel both incredibly ready for more expansion and trepidation toward what it means for me. I feel really ambitious in some moments and like I need to vomit or crawl into a hole the next. But, after every choice I make, I remind myself that this is how we choose our best life, over and over again.  

Expansion is an ongoing cycle that moves through death of the old and rebirth into the new.

Societally, we don’t like to talk about death. It feels scary. But, I am learning over and over again that death does not mean we have failed!

Death, even when our human life ends, is not a failure. It is simply a truth.

I believe that our physical manifestation of death is the most expansive time in our lives--we leave our dense, human bodies and our energetic Soul is relieved of that burden. It expands into the universe (however you believe that to be).

And, that is how I am choosing to view this particular death and rebirth cycle in my life. 

It’s uncomfortable, there is suffering, there is mourning, and there is immense relief.

It’s not easy. 

But, we all must do it if we want to grow and choose, over and over again, what our best life right now looks and feels like.

To connect with your own expansion, and devote to exactly what you want right now:

  • I encourage you to become aware of what your present time life looks and feels like, deep inside the constraints of your automated behaviors and habits: Where is your energy going out, where is it coming in, what is nourishing, what is draining?

  • I encourage you to notice what needs reworking

  • I encourage you to get uncomfortable and see what needs to die

  • I encourage you to trust in what is possible through a rebirth

  • I ask that you find the courage to go after the life of your dreams--even when it feels out of reach and especially when you have no idea how you’ll get there

Tune in to your Soul Voice, take some time to write about this in your journal. Then, trust your own process of expansion! 🔭

The next few weeks, I’ll be in your inbox less frequently as I am expanding into some new opportunities with my work. I’ll be in Victoria, BC to meet with a women’s mastermind group. We’ve been together online for the last 8 months and finally meeting in real life. Then, I am taking a client on her first private retreat with me. We’re going to one of my favorite places on the planet, Aspen, Colorado. 

Upon my return, I’ll have space to take on one private client for the remainder for the year (July through January). If you’re needing support with your own inner expansion and this not-so-eloquent death and rebirth cycle, I’ll encourage you once more: reach out for support and let’s get on a phone call to discuss. 

I know first hand you cannot do this work alone. It takes trusted, like-minded, willing guidance along the way.

Not being where you want is not a failure, you will always be expanding throughout your life. But, getting stuck in the grey area is what creates the most discomfort. 

It’s time to follow your Soul Voice and allow your rebirth.