Breakthroughs & Upper Limits

Ya know, life happens and things don't always go as planned. So, instead of publishing the 2 blogs I wrote this month, they sat in my Drafts. And, because I have a hard time not being completely in-the-moment in how I share, I've scrapped them. I realized today that I have been missing you! With the busyness of summer I haven't felt as connected. So, today I want to hear from you...

How has your summer been?

This is a time of year when energy inevitably peaks and (esp with all the major astro stuff that was happening) I wouldn't be surprised if you made some breakthroughs!

I'm curious what you noticed.

Did you have any new insights, moments of clarity, boundaries that you put in place? Or, maybe you opened to a new body awareness or recognized a superpower that you weren't embracing?

Maybe, like me, you were on a high of things feeling really great then smacked with some old shit trying to bring you down ๐ŸฅŠ

This often happens we we start to expand... my first coach called this interference. Or, you may have heard this referred to as bumping against your upper limits.

Upper limits are self perceived barriers we have, that are actually indicative of our tolerance for happiness and success (not the other way around). While this may sound strange, we all have these perceived limits to what we can tolerate in the realm of joy and that's why it can be so hard to make big leaps in your life without some significant interference and discomfort to overcome.

For me, this happens at every stage of growth I have in my life and business. Here are some past examples:

  • Out of college, I quickly advanced in my job and fulfilled my dream of putting on a fashion show in Denver. The next week, my grandfather (who was my father figure) died.

  • Later in my 20s, I bought my first house and got the job I really wanted in a new field. Just a week later, I was in a life altering car wreck.

  • When I got my first business plan rolled out and was ready to run my business full time, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

  • I made a big investment for a program launch with all the technology bells and whistles, and my computer crashed the day before launch.

  • I signed the contract to write my book and a month later got completely taken down with an intense brain health issue.

Have you had moments like this in your life?

Or, are you experiencing them now? I'm so interested to hear from you about it ๐Ÿ’ฌ

This summer, I've had to face more upper limit challenges and while they're not quite ready to be shared, they are showing me that I am on the right track and I can expand into more joy and success. I have finally been able to integrate these experiences as "part of life" and that offers a lot of freedom for my mind.

Instead of dwelling on these things that happen, and thinking, "something always goes wrong," you can instead think, "what a great opportunity to work with my capacity for happiness."

If you want to learn more about this topic, I suggest reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It's a short book with incredibly insightful information.

And, here's the thing, life is not all about rainbows and unicorns. We know this. But, I find myself teaching and reiterating this idea a lot with my clients. So, maybe you need the reminder, too.

You can have a really happy and successful life of your dreams, but life is uncomfortable. It always will be in some ways. But, you don't have to let that drive your days.

The more you work with the ideas of upper limits and begin to see your life differently, it's easier to recover. Instead of feeling like your head is spinning for weeks, you may be able to get back on track in days or even hours.

It's incredibly liberating to know you can find release from these challenging interferences and expand your capacity for more ๐ŸŽˆ

Sooooo, speaking about your capacity for more, I have to tell you about something I've been working on.

Itโ€™s a new offering that will bridge the gap in knowing what is best for you and doing what is best for you

And, it will ultimately help you notice and recover more quickly when those pesky upper limits arrive. Of course, thereโ€™s a whole lot more to say about that!

If you'd like to be the first to know more details, join the Sneak Peek List here! Iโ€™ll keep you updated first, before it goes public ๐ŸŒŸ

As you think about your summer breakthroughs, or any upper limits you've noticed, click reply and share with me. I love to hear what you'e experiencing and celebrate you!