Food tips when you're uninspired

Happy summer!

As you know, I’ve been away from my regular emails over the last month (I’ll share more about that next week). But, I promised you something in July and I’m here to deliver 💝

I asked you all about feeling uninspired with food through social media, and I got an overwhelming response via private messages. This is something you're experiencing and you're frustrated with.

You’ve been feeling the same low vibes with food as I have over the last few years. Most of you said that you’re totally uninspired, even though you love to cook and love to eat.

Nothing is sparking joy for you in the kitchen.

It’s such a bummer, eh?

Today, I am ready to talk with you about this in a video training.

I’ll be live on Facebook here at 10:30am MT.

I’ll be sharing on-the-spot coaching with those who attend live, to discuss food habits and patterns and what may be “underneath” this lack of inspiration.

If you can't make it live, message me here or on social and let me know your questions. I'll answer them and you can catch the replay.

If you’ve been in my community for awhile, you may recall that my beloved pet died in 2015. Several other intense things happened around the same time and sent me into a downward spiral with my health. While I felt like I could come up for air in 2016, things got worse again from 2017-2018. This year I finally feel like myself again, but the last 4 years have been the most challenging of my life. Eating as clean as I'd like and feeling inspired by food just didn't seem possible.

So, I know how you feel and I've got some things to help:

  • I wrote a blog back when I was in the thick of things called When Eating Feels Hard. It has some great pointers that still ring true, which you can read here.

  • I have been adding tips to Instagram stories recently that you can find here. Click the “Food Support” highlight with a cupcake image 🧁 I’ve heard they're just what you need.

  • I reinstated my old recipe blog, and you can search some of the old standbys of my chef days here. Separated into Paleo and AIP, they’re all GFDF and easy. Note that these are several years old and any links or product recommendations within in the blogs may no longer stand.

And, don't forget to join me here today at 10:30am MT for a live video training on this topic. I'll be talking more than tangible tips, because there's so much more to WHY we are uninspired. Look forward to seeing you there.