How can your gut wisdom guide you?

I am excited to re-emerge on the blog after my new website launch! I hope you had time to read over some of the new material here. You'll see a consistent thread, talking about gut wisdom.

This is what I call the place that offers us deep wisdom, from beyond our mind and personality. It is an inherent wisdom that we all posses. When you are able to tune in to that gut wisdom, you access an inner compass that leads the way to your best health.

But, you may not know exactly what your gut wisdom feels like or how it actually guides you. That's where I come in.

After working with clients around gut health for years, they were always surprised by how clear and connected they felt after healing their digestive systems. They couldn't believe that when they started to notice how food made them feel, they also became so much more aware of how other things in their life truly felt.

When we take the time and attention to combine the science of healing with the magic of what arises, we find your gut wisdom!

Why is your gut wisdom important?

This inner wisdom can help guide you toward health, toward success and toward happiness... but it helps if you know what you're seeking.

So, before you jump in to this week, let's do a simple exercise to get clear on how your gut wisdom can guide you!

  • Grab a journal and a good pen

  • Find a space where you won't be disturbed for 15-30 minutes

  • Sit and close your eyes for a moment, taking a few deep breaths

  • Then, use these prompts to do some free writing :

Try not to over-think the process, but instead let the words flow straight from your body through your pen!

-When have I most felt tuned in to my inner wisdom? If you're not sure, think about the most "magical" inner knowing or synchronistic experience you have ever had. That was your gut wisdom showing up!

-In a perfect world, what would I most like to learn from my gut wisdom right now? If you had all of the answers to life's problems right now, what would you most like to solve? How could this inner knowing guide you?

-If my gut wisdom was completely present right now, what would I feel like? Might you be more confident, have more energy or be doing something totally different with your life?

-Notice how simply doing this exercise made you feel. And, what similar characteristics showed up in your answers... these are the feelings that you are seeking, my friend.

These are the deepest desires that you can reach with your gut wisdom.

Now, what do you do with those desires? For now, hold them tight and be with them. Know that you are deserving of them. And, you can get to them with more guidance and listening.

Whether you are seeking more inspiration, more connection, more peace or more health, it's all in arm's reach. How you get there will be different based on your life and your current needs. But, it is important to name and own these desires so that they can become a priority for you.

I would love to hear what came up for you and what you are most looking to connect with through your gut wisdom.

If you'd like to talk through your desires and get more clarity on how to take your next steps, let me know! We can set up a complimentary session to chat.

Please, share with me by leaving a comment or by joining my free online community Gut Wisdom Guidance and sharing there. This community is a place where we'll be discussing our big desires and finding how to best reach them by accessing our gut wisdom... and how science and food plays a part!

I look forward to hearing what arises for you with this exercise!

Have a great week, Brandi