My favorite weekend snacks

This weekend, I intend to close the news feed on my phone, step away from facebook and get myself in nature!So, I'm going to need some good snacks!! Plus, these are easy, healthy super bowl snacks!

Often, on the weekends, my husband and I have snacky foods. It feels like a fun way to switch up our everyday routines, and we always enjoy finding new things to munch on for the weekends.

Here are my favorites:

  • Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato chips (cooked in coconut oil)

  • Terra Sweet Potato or Taro or Original blend chips (varieties of vegetable chips)

  • Platayuc Plantain Chips (the only organic ones I've ever seen, purchase at Thrive Market)

  • Treeline Scallion Cheese "dip" (made of cashew)

  • The Honest Stand Nacho Cheese "sauce" (made of potato and cashew; I haven't tried but my husband loves it... and it smells like Velveeta!) also comes in Alfredo & Blue Cheese

  • Miyoko's Kitchen Cheese "dips" (made of cashew, some contain rice)

  • Organic Divina Kalamata Olive Spread (tapenade with capers)

  • Mediterranean Organic Olive snack packs

  • Mighty Bar (by Organic Prairie) Beef Jerkey

  • Organic Prairie Beef Summer Sausage (logs or sliced like deli meat)

  • Organic Prairie Deli Meats

  • Applegate Salami or Sopresetta

  • Wholly Guacamole Organic Guacamole (the organic, original version is nightshade free)

We usually make come combination of these things - chips and dips and meats - on our weekend afternoons. And, I enjoy it so much!!


Hope you take some time for you this weekend and enjoy some of these goodies!

Share with me on social media or comment with your favorites. I am always on the lookout for the best grab-and-go or sit-and-savor snacks.

Enjoy! Brandi