How feeling good helps you find your wisdom

Now that you have a bit more clarity on how your gut wisdom can help you, it's time to learn how to tap into that wisdom!

One of the best ways to tap into this wisdom is to actually be feeling good.

Think about it for a moment...

When you feel bad, acutely and especially chronically, what you tend to do is seek help outside of yourself. Whether it's from the internet, from a doctor, from a loved one, we tend to look elsewhere to help figure out what's going on.

The uncertainty and fear that can arise, puts us into a bit of a spin. We, then, inherently disconnect from our gut wisdom.

Even if you don't feel bad, per se, but you're tired and overwhelmed, what do you tend to do then? Many people tend to distract themselves, which is a way of not listening inwardly. Whether it's staring into our smartphones, social media or even work, it's easy to not want to pay attention when we don't feel our best.

It's so easy to push aside what your body is truly telling you and just want to get things done.

Have you ever done that? I sure have!

Now, think about a time when you felt really healthy and good. Can you remember that feeling of trusting yourself and trusting your body and even to flowing with life more? It felt easier, right?!

That's where we all want to be!

We can start to find our best health and this happy place by healing our digestive systems.

Here's why the gut is a pillar of this process:

  • The digestive system houses most of our good mood potential as well as most of our immunity, so it really is the foundation for feeling and staying well!

  • The digestive system contains half of your neurons, which create the superhighway communication system between your gut and your brain.

  • Your gut is constantly in communication with your central nervous system... so, if your gut is compromised, your whole body is actually compromised, too.

There are so many layers to this and I don't want to get too sciency. So, here's a simple breakdown:

So, here's a simple breakdown:

A compromised gut = a compromised body We feel bad = it's hard to hear our inner gut wisdom We can't hear our inner wisdom = we may miss a key factor to healing We can't fully heal = we return into this vicious cycle

That's why I use a gut healing protocol with all of my clients. And, I see over and over again how much this piece matters.

I recently worked with a woman in California who constantly struggled with painful bloating and irregular digestion, even though she was knowledgeable about nutrition and ate a super clean diet. But, her feeling bad was clouding her ability to tune in to what she most needed. After working together, she came to find better digestion and more steady energy… and go even deeper into her gut wisdom!

"Working with Brandi took me through an emotional process that helped me reconnect to my body and my intuition. I've slowed down, and I've become more centered and self-assured. I now have a happy relationship with food, and a deep sense of self."

Isn't that amazing?!

We took our attention to her gut and she came away with so much more!

This is why I do my work in the world!! I want everyone to have an outcome like this!

If you're feeling like something is off and you're ready to feel better and finding lasting support with your gut wisdom, let's connect!You can find me chatting about all things gut related in my new online community, Gut Wisdom Guidance.

Or, you can schedule a complimentary consult for us to chat one-on-one.

I'd love to hear from you! Brandi