I haven't figured it out yet

If you didn't read the last blog I wrote, you may not have realized I was going off of social media for a month. But, it passed quickly and here I am trying to sort out my integration back (and wishing to do so with good boundaries and balance). Sooo, I haven’t yet figured out the way in which I’ll reconnect with social media, after that month away. 

Sooo, I haven’t yet figured out the way in which I’ll reconnect with social media, after that month away. 

But, here’s what I do know - I miss sharing the really fun things with you, like new products and my #travelwithbmack series!

I also know that I am still sorting out what the social media connection means to me…

As I suggested in my last email, I feel like social media gives the illusion of being connected to one another. Yet, in many ways, it does make me feel more connected. I can see friend’s adventures and growing babies and if they’re ok during a catastrophic storm. I can access parts of their life that they may not tell me about otherwise, especially by seeing photos.

But, why aren’t we sharing more intimately WITH one another, outside of social media? 

Because we don’t have to. 

While I was not sharing publicly this last month, I did share more one-on-one than I have in awhile. I sent friends photos by text message, I had numerous conversations about the best gluten free donut I’ve ever eaten, I sent birthday cards instead of Facebook messages and I valued the time, in-person, that I had without being distracted trying to capture the moment on my phone. 

Had I been on social media, I would have shared those things in one place and not individually, something I think we have latched onto because we are so busy. Which, makes sense but also makes me sad.

Last week, I received a text message from a friend in Illinois asking if everything was ok because she hadn’t seen me online lately. It truly touched my heart and gave me so much gratitude for her reaching out. Because, even though I am connected with thousands of people online and my phone contact list exceeds seven hundred (I don't know if that's a lot but it feels like a lot), I had one person reach out. O-N-E! Isn’t that crazy?! That’s what makes me sad. 

We have lost our personal touch.

Social media gives us a pass to share one polished image with everyone vs our raw selves in more personal ways.

So, while I haven't figured out how exactly I want to re-embrace social media, I know one thing : I want you to feel more personally from me. 

I have always tried to be myself, with authenticity and transparency in my sharing. But, going forward, you’ll likely see fewer plates and more adventures. You’ll likely see more connection and less hiding. That last part - it's not something I do consciously but it happens. While I want you to feel more from me, I'll likely be posting less than in the past (and hoping to share more stories and information with you here instead). 

It really only works to feel more if we do it together. 

We are virtually connected through social media, we can’t deny that. So, how can we find the ways in which we relate instead of the ways in which we separate? How can we quit comparing to the edited, shiny selves that are so often portrayed and instead share with one another from our reality - without feeling sad about it or depleted when we log off (as a few friends and colleagues recently reported)?

I am curious - What do you wish social media brought to your life??

I hope for more engaging comments, questions, and laughter to come through. 

I hope for making the choice to reduce the mindless scrolling and emotionless “liking” that so many of us fall into without even realizing it.

I hope for more pieces of me to shine through, that aren't "just" food related. Because I have so much more to share than my kitchen creations! 

What do you say? Can I challenge you? 

Can I challenge you to show your vulnerabilities and true selves, to show your messy kitchens and tired eyes, to be the real you that is loved and worthy of connection?

I know you’re busy, we all are. But, if we don’t take time to pause and reconnect with one another, we’ll never be able to deeply connect with ourselves (or our own gut wisdom - a whole other story).  

Since we use social media, let's take advantage. I think the value of social media can be good when used the right way.

Let’s figure this out together. Let’s not space out on social media but make the connections feel really good and optimal and meaningful! Are you in?

-Let’s share in full authenticity
-Let’s engage with one another instead of scrolling quickly
-Let’s make the connections matter

Do you have any personal social media qualms that you want to discuss or share?
Email me and let me know.

Otherwise, I'll see you back there again soon.