How gut health changes everything

As you read in the last couple of posts, it's important to learn how our gut wisdom can support our lives. And, to hear that wisdom loud and clear, it helps to be feeling good.

Since you know me as a gut health expert, I want to give you more comprehensive information about why your gut health matters so much and how it makes such a difference in your overall health and vitality (aka feeling good).

The last message you post gave a quick overview of why gut health is the primary foundation of my work. But, there's more...

Your gut (the greater digestive system including your stomach, intestines, and liver) really does rule your world. Your gut is responsible for your immunity, plays a huge part in your mood and allows you to tap into your "gut instinct," or what I call your gut wisdom.

Living in the modern world, as we do, your gut is inevitably neglected and likely not at optimal health. I always say, unless you are doing specific practices to support it, your gut needs some love!

Over your lifetime, your gut has been exposed to processed foods, more sugar than you'd like to admit, chemicals in the food and water system, chemicals in the environment, antibiotics or other medicines and pesky little pathogens from your worldly travel.

While our gut is full of pathogens, they are not always harmful. We need to have a plethora of what I call "gut bugs" in our system at all times. But, they have to be in a happy balance.

Unless you've been quarantined your whole life and only eating super clean food that you grew and produced, your gut and its bugs are likely out of balance.

But, if everyone is this way, why does it matter?

Because none of us are feeling as well as we should.

And we have learned in the last few years how very important the community of our gut bugs (known as the microbiome) are. There is new research about how the microbiome affects mental health and immunity, among other things.

And, from my perspective, as I'm sure you've also noticed, more and more people are feeling poorly.

Food intolerances and allergies are on the rise, autoimmune and thyroid and heart disease are on the rise and the number of people with cancer these days is downright alarming.

But, what about the lesser of evils... like feeling constantly fatigued, moody, anxious or simply less-than-awesome?

This is where most of us fall, and this matters so much to me.

All of this can be supported, if not fully turned around, by focussing on gut health. Sure, we can support digestive distress with gut health, but the list of symptoms that people notice going away is remarkable!I turned around my own digestive autoimmune disease by focussing on gut health as a pillar of my healing. As I did, my whole life changed! Things I didn't even know were "wrong" started getting better.

And, I'm not the only one!

My clients consistently have remarkable experiences, including one in Colorado last year.

Her hair became thicker, her nails became stronger, and her face cleared of adult acne that she had suffered from for years (trying everything under the sun to fix it). Now, she rarely gets pimples, she doesn't crash mid-day, she has TONS of energy to chase around her toddler and her moods are consistently bright and happy.

"I had no idea how horrible I was feeling until I worked with Brandi and, as a result, I no longer ignore what my body is telling me."

Even if you "feel fine" but you've never actually felt totally light and clear and downright amazing, shifting focus to your gut health can help!

What I see over and over again is that if you've never felt great - just pretty good - you're totally missing out on what life can be.

This client in Colorado was so excited that she could be more present and focused for her son… because she didn't even know what she was missing!

So, let's reclaim all that has gone, shall we?!

I'd love to help you find your vitality, your clarity, and your own gut wisdom!