2 years searching & I finally have answers

It's been a few weeks since I posted here and I wanted to share a little bit of why... it stems from something that happened in 2006.

On that day in December, I'd driven to Denver to connect with a friend and drop something off for work. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I was on the phone - thankfully using headphones even way back then! As I sat at a red light, with cars in front and behind me I suddenly heard a loud noise coming my way. Clearly, there was someone screeching to a halt behind me.

That's when a huge shockwave went through me. My sunglasses flew off of my head, my earphones popped out of my phone and I realized I had been hit hard. I had been in an intense car wreck.

An inebriated driver had created a five-car crash that changed my life as I knew it.

I suffered a whiplash injury that severely impacted my upper spine and gave me a traumatic brain injury that took years to heal.

Today, from this incident, I have chronic pain in my neck. My upper back is sensitive and often irritated. I have symptoms of that brain injury that resurface from time to time, and the whole experience offers me more perspective on healing than I ever knew possible.

It is, by far, one of the most impactful things that has ever happened to me.

Over the past two years, I have noticed some unsettling symptoms arise with my head. It has been really hard to explain the feelings, to articulate the symptoms and to even understand what was happening. They would come and go, sticking around for months then leaving me for weeks or months at a time. It has all been very confusing.

While I sought help from many healers and doctors and did lots of inner work around it, I didn't have answers as to what was actually happening. My gut wisdom told me I was safe and I would be ok. But, not knowing how to fix it or consistently feel better, has been frustrating, to say the least.

When I feel bad, I am still high functioning and I look normal and you'd never know anything was wrong. But, when I feel good, it's a whole other realm of life - everything is easeful and inspiring!

So, I am taking a new approach. I found a new way to understand my brain. I now have a map of where it is actually compromised. I now know that parts of my brain are under-working and parts of my brain are over-working. Parts of my brain are even damaged. But, I am so happy to see this in writing.

I can now do therapies that specifically target these areas of my brain. I am relieved!

These last few weeks I have been exploring this new brain therapy and feeling the ups and downs. I have contemplated sharing with you but ultimately decided this may be of benefit for you to hear.

I am human. I have my own pain. I have my own successes. And, I find the more I experience on my healing path, the more I can connect with your deepest health experiences.

Sharing this story with a client this week made it very clear - I am here to help you, to relate to you and to guide you on your own healing journey!

I hope this story inspires you in some way and allows you to understand we are in this together - in community, in sharing, in healing!