I need you to know

You know that feeling when you're totally tapped out? Like, you're tired, you're brain lacks juice to do anything other than get you through the day and you can hardly take care of yourself... much less anyone else? I am certain that you're nodding your head with me. And, I need you to know: this is how I feel right now.

It would be easy for me to push through this feeling and get out more tips, to write some new recipes for you and to keep acting as if my life was "business as usual." But, the truth is, it's not.

This last year was a hard one. I've told you that story before. I felt stretched, I felt lack of support, I felt maxed out!

Just when I was getting it back together, the summer progressed into a whole new level of busy. It was so much fun! But, it was exhausting to travel and be on the go for months-on-end.

I did things that were amazingly rewarding, that felt like huge expansions and that were exactly what I wanted to be doing in my life!! But my body, my mind and my energy was depleted.

I noticed that the effort I was putting into eating pristine food had diminished. I was eating clean, but I was also eating a lot out of convenience. I was trying really hard even when I traveled, but I was still choosing surface ease over deep nourishment.

And, it hit me: this is what you experience all the time! This is what you tell me you need help with! This is what you often struggle the most with!! So, I am sharing my story today, to show you no one is "perfect."

If you came to me with this situation, I would ask you what's most important to you. I would tell you straight: you can't be creative and inspiring if you're exhausted. Then, I would give you permission to rest. Because, we are so good at glorifying busy and pretending like the person with the least rest wins. Lastly, I would ask how you could make it happen. Because, if you really want it, you will do it!

Here's me turning that right around on myself:

I know my big picture goal is being able to offer you the most inspiring things I possibly can! My work really is a way of life for me. I love what I do!!

And, I know the value of rest! But, I don’t always equate stepping back as rest, when it really is! I am really clear that I need space and a refuel, and I know exactly how to do it...

I need to take a break from work.

This feels so hard! It's not forever, just for a little while.

So, I ask your patience as I give myself the time to restore my body and my mind. I want to take care of me so I can continue to take care of you!

Is there any place where you can give yourself permission? To rest if you need to, or to step away from something you love so that you can return refreshed?

That's what I'll be doing this next week... maybe longer.

You won't be seeing as much from me on social media. You won't receive any emails. And, if you email me, I won't be quick to respond.

Because, I know what I most Desire. I know that I need to Detox. And, I know this will fuel my Diet, in all ways!

I believe this time will give me even more inspiration to offer you when I return. I look forward to reconnecting then!

xo, B

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