I walked out on a doctor

A few months ago, I walked out on a doctor. While it was uncomfortable, it was also really empowering to remember I can choose exactly who I want to help me in my mission towards amazing health. And that just because someone is called a doctor, doesn't mean they always know my body better than me. This time, he did not. I had to trust my gut wisdom to walk away and continue my search. You see, in the fall, I moved to a new town. I committed to making a new community of support and healing care here. Because I only moved an hour away from my last home, I could have easily kept my people there and made the commute as needed.

But, in order to refresh, I wanted to start over here. I wanted to find new people and places to support me, but it's been harder than expected.

Having had autoimmune issues and a brain injury in the past, I will always need health support.

And, I truly believe that everyone needs a team.

Your team is what I call your circle of trusted support. It may include physical support like doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy healers, etc. I believe it should also include emotional support like good friends or family that you can really go deep with, or a professional like a therapist or coach.

While I am connected to my gut wisdom and feel really tuned in to my body, sometimes what my body says is, "call on your team."

In the last week, I have found some new team members and I could not feel more excited! I finally feel like I met the people that get me, and what I need to thrive. And, I know they are my new team members because I feel a sense of lightness and hopefulness and relief in their presence.

I felt the opposite in that doctor's office a few months back. I felt heavy, sweaty, nervous and uncomfortable. I had been there for a few visits and I just knew it wasn't working. So, I followed my gut wisdom and I walked out. The doctor was not respecting my inner connection, and I knew he could not help me if he didn't trust me.

Plus, I knew I would not be helping myself if I didn't listen to my gut.

This is where we find the balance of trusting ourselves (and the signals of our gut wisdom) while also trusting others to support us. We truly need both to thrive!

Do you have a team that you love? That, you know you can really trust when the going gets tough? Do you have a sense of your gut wisdom guiding you to trusted practitioners?

If you're feeling like you need more support, and you've read to here, it's likely because we resonate with one another. And, I want you to know I have new ways for us to work together!

If you want to reconnect with your body, have support that you can trust and learn your own unique way of healing, let's chat!

My new service packages begin on an April schedule and take you through four months of healing support… and toward your own truest voice, your gut wisdom!

If you'd like to connect and see if we're a good match, please schedule a complimentary consult!

I'd love to see how I can be part of your team!

You can read about the new packages here and schedule the free call here.

Connecting on a free call is the best way to get your questions answered, but you can also shoot me an email with any q's. I'd love to hear from you either way!

Here's to building a great team!