I'm inviting you for dinner!

As we step full swing into summer, it is easy to feel the active energy in the air. The elements of summer are about play and freedom and coming together. It’s a fun time that we have looked forward to since we were kids. When I think of summers growing up, I think of riding my bike everywhere, eating watermelon, tubing or jet-skiing with friends on a lake. As I got older, summers meant reconnecting with friends that had scattered for college or coming together with friends and my home, since I lived “away” for my husband’s job the rest of the year. Summer has always felt good to me, always felt open and opportunistic, until last year.

Exactly a year ago, I had a transformational healing experience with the spiritual leader Amma. Then I lost the love of my life, my sweet kitty, Pindo. It sent me into a tail spin. The same week, I had a seemingly insignificant bump on the head that reintroduced some old symptoms from a brain injury I had ten years ago. It was a really challenging time. Aside from the physical and emotional pieces, I was used to traveling with my husband in the summers. But, as he had recently transitioned from a professional athlete into a new career, he was no longer able to play the way I was used to in the summers.

So, while it was hot and bright, last summer did not feel like freedom or play or connection to me. And, I am just now recovering. The good news is that summer feels like summer today!

Throughout the last year, when I was feeling super challenged and overwhelmed with life, I had a really stark realization. I was not feeling connection at all. I barely had anyone that made the time to check in on me. Most of my friends and family were too engaged in their own lives and challenges to ask how I was doing. This may sound harsh, but that is precisely why I am sharing it. Not for “sympathy” of any kind, but because it’s actually a sad truth. Generally speaking, we have all become too busy to check in, with others and with ourselves, and we are missing the vital connection that makes life fun and worthwhile.

This last year taught me some really important things:

  • Feeling isolated sometimes made me reach for food to “fill that space” more than as a healthy choice. Connection fills more than just our hearts.
  • Checking in with myself about what my body and my heart needed was harder to face and more necessary than ever. Inner connection is as important as outer.
  • I need community and I like being engaged with people who really care about me (in all of my vulnerability) and really care about themselves (in all of their vulnerability) and want to lean on each other for support. Connection with authentic people is priceless.


When I finally came out of my funk enough to recognize what was happening, it hit me: I have to speak up for what I need and I have to help others connect so we can feel more, love more, heal more.

In working with people over the years, there is a solid truth about connection that I cannot deny: your gut is the innermost source of connection to yourself. And, how do most typically celebrate and connect with others? With food. Since you can most heal your inner connection with food and most connect with others through food, it’s the most natural centerpiece to come together.

This year, I want to come together with you, around food, to build connection and build your health!

I want to help you connect in a way that feels fun and supportive.

I want to share stories and meals and laughter and wisdom and connection of our whole selves!

So, let’s get together and do the things we care most about! Let’s come together for even more healing capacity!!

There are so many fun things we can do together!

We can connect through:

  • Restorative Dinner Parties (we can cook, talk and be together)
  • Intimate Cooking Classes (I guide the class, we share and eat together)
  • Girlfriends for Gut Health (a gathering, a talk or ceremonious women’s circle, that connects us way beyond food)

I was recently hosted in Peoria, Illinois by my good friend Kandy, for a cooking class. Kandy visited me in Boulder in the fall and was “blown away” by how simple and yummy my food was when I had her over for dinner. That sparked an idea that she wanted to share. Kandy invited her friends, her family and some of her clients to join us for a cooking class at her home. She wanted to teach others about the healing capacity of cooking for yourself, and the connection that can happen when you make a food experience more exciting. Kandy’s passion for local, clean food meant that we sourced a much as possible from local farms. We had local bacon and lamb and beef bone marrow. We had local kale and carrots and honey. We laughed and cooked and ate and shared together. We connected through our food!

It was a lot of fun, and everyone learned so much, including Kandy! After that class, she was empowered to get a new kitchen knife and is using new cooking methods for her and her husband. Her old idea of “healthy has to be bland” is out the window. She loved learning alongside her favorite people. And, as the host she got to spend extra time connecting with me and learning even more about how to explore food for her own health conditions. She also loved that I cooked for her personally several times while I was visiting :)

Does that sound like a fun way for you to connect? If so, let’s come together!

If you’d like to have my support in creating connection, in your community or your home, now is the time! I am building my summer and fall schedule around you. Because I love to travel, I want to make this a reality for you.

Send me an email about what you’re thinking, I’d love to make it happen!

Not the right time for you, but maybe later? Email me anyway and let me know how I can help! My work really is about bringing you more in tune with your needs and desires (your inner connection). We can shape that from afar, in different ways.

Plus, stay tuned for some new ways I'll be sharing and connecting with you in the coming months. Because the dark cloud that hovered in the last year has lifted and I am more inspired to help you heal than ever!

I look forward to hearing from you, Brandi