I'm in a love-hate relationship

I am in a love-hate relationship right now with a pretty high profile persona. Have you been in one of those lately? A relationship where you are happy with it some of the time and super frustrated with it the rest of the time? That's where I am right now and I wonder if you can relate. Let me take you back in time - when I moved twice a year for my husband's job and had friends scattered all over the world...

I was someone who always loved photography (I studied it in high school and college) and I always wanted to share my experience through the lens of my camera. If I saw a beautiful scene through my lens, I wanted you to see it. And, I literally thought about my friends as I took photos. I wanted to tell the story of where I was living and traveling to the point that I had an "email list" before I had a business.

It was important to me that I spread the beauty of the world with everyone who cared, and so that was my first experience in electronic social sharing.

Then came the prevalence of social media, of Facebook and then Instagram, where photos were key. It became so easy to share that way that I no longer needed to send out big email updates. I could easily get my story across with a few simple clicks instead of hours compiling photos and editing them for the perfect share (I would literally spend weeks on sharing my images with my email list).

So, while I shared travel and nature and things that inspired me, I also became a chef. People wanted to know what I was cooking so, of course, I shared my food through photos. It's what I knew. And, everyone loved it. For years, I would get stopped throughout Boulder by people who knew my food photos, who were in the grocery store shopping to make a Brandi meal and who were consistently inspired by my photos. That mattered, and matters to me still, more than anything.

But, today, there are lot more complications. Facebook and Instagram have complicated algorithms and they don't always share what I put out with those who want to see it. They make it basically mandatory to have hashtags but then also ban some hashtags from viewing (like my recent "instant pot" hashtag that was shadow-banned as they call it). It is frustrating and takes so much away from the root of why I am sharing in the first place.

I just want to share inspiration and beauty and show you that real life can happen and be fully integrated with health. I want you to know that I am a real human and that if I can do it, so can you!

With that said, social media has become a place of frustration for me more than inspiration lately. And, because I walk my talk, I am going to step away for a few weeks. The relationship just doesn't feel healthy right now.

This week, I'll be signing off of Facebook (business and personal) and Instagram. My tweets are just pushed from IG, so I won't be there either. Instead of staring at my phone or computer trying to make my photos expand the ethers, I'll be getting more quiet. I'll be in my own thoughts and creativity instead of being bombarded by news and images of what is going on far away from me (read a great article about this here). Because that is feeling exhausting and depleting to me right now.

I'll be the first to say that this is going to be hard!

My once strict boundaries with social media have gotten gray. And, let’s be honest, I keep up with my peeps on social media!!

This is another reason it has to go right now. I am noticing that we believe to know what and how each other are doing based on tiny snippets and peeks into one another’s lives. But, it’s just not true. The meals I make and the hikes I take don’t mean everything is perfect over here! I’d guess you can relate with that in your own or the picture of another’s life, right?!

I know pretty snippets are easier. I know they are more comfortable to share. And, I know they aren’t the whole story. I want to know how you are really doing!

I don’t want to be in a love-hate relationship anymore, so I am taking a break. I may not consciously uncouple with social media for good but I will sure take some time to see how I want to be in relationship with it going forward. It’s a big presence and I need to make things right if we are going to last.

This month, instead of being online as much, I'll be traveling to Canada to be in nature and working to complete my book (because my brain is feeling better, yay!). I might share some images that inspire me, sparingly. But, I won't have the regular presence on Facebook or Instagram that you're used to.

I hope you understand. And, I hope you’ll see where it feels good to you or where you may even need some space, yourself.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you ever feel this way with social media? Do you have any tips for the transition? Do you want to join me?

I'll keep you posted here and reconnect with you more as I have some big news to reveal. I mentioned last month that new services were coming, but they needed a little more time to unfold. Keep your inbox eyes open and feel free to shoot me a note and say hi anytime!

I love hearing from you, I care about your challenges and successes and I want to continue to inspire you - even without the daily social media posts. Let me know how I can help!

xo, B