Inspiration from Struggle

This winter was a rough one. I was challenged in my life, in my work, in my body. And, while I know everyone experiences rough patches of life, it's not always easy to share.

As I began to come out of my winter funk (I'm still emerging), I realized that sharing the challenges in life can be what's most meaningful to others. Because, we all experience challenge. We all understand hardship. And, we all need to connect to feel better.

I was super inspired in my emergence to learn that three people I respect are using this vulnerability and their own unique experiences to help you.

Today, I want to share these inspiring things with you!

Quiet Adventures

Quiet Adventures helps women step out of their everyday roles and go into beautiful places to connect with nature, themselves, and other women.

Megan Roop had years of struggling toward perfection, which left her with an eating disorder, depression, burnout, and disconnection. She leads Quiet Adventures because she found that nature, inner connection and community helped her feel whole. I cannot wait to join her in one of these peaceful journeys.

Her next trip into Big Sur State Park with the Pacific coast and redwoods is coming up June 3.

Read more about these Quiet Adventures HERE (use this exclusive link to access the last two spots available on the upcoming Big Sur retreat)


Healevate is a verified source of holistic health information that offers guidance for those seeking trustworthy information for their conditions.

Jordan Kravitz's search for trustworthy holistic health information on the internet led him to a lot of quack when he developed several health conditions in his twenties. Despite many set backs, he never gave up and wants you to feel supported and capable of figuring out your own holistic path to healing. So, he created Healevate to offer legitimate information that you can count on and a community to connect with for hope.

Jordan offers information from food, health, exercise, lifestyle and inspiration. He even features some of my recipes.

Search Healevate HERE

What You're Really Hungry For

What you're really hungry for is an online show that helps you connect your emotions to your food choices.

Cynthia Pasquella found herself ready to give up on life when everything she had tried to fix herself wasn't working. While she worked as a nutrition coach, she realized that food alone could not fix her or her clients, so she started to ask, "What are you really hungry for?"

She created this show so that she could interview health experts and help others get to the root of their unhappiness and health issues. She wants women to finally make peace with food and themselves.

Cynthia goes deep into issues that many aren't willing to talk about. That's why I studied at the school she founded, the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, where healing comes from science, psychology and spirituality.

Watch What You're Really Hungry For HERE


Explore these resources to find more hope when you are in a challenging circumstance. We all need inspiration and to know that we are not alone.

Also know that I am here for you if you want to connect further! Please click reply or schedule a complimentary phone session with me to talk things out. You can schedule a call HERE

Happy Spring!

Stay inspired by the beauty around you, xo, B