Mindful Holiday Gift Guide

I know the holidays are rapidly approaching, but you may still need a few gifts for your loved ones. With all that's happening in the world today, it feels pertinent that we focus on what really matters to each of us this holiday season and that we give from a mindful place.

So, I was really called to put together a Mindful Gift Guide for you this year!

Here are some of my favorites: (anything that’s purple is linked to that item)

Donate to charity in someone’s name or honor:

  • The Compassion Collective is a place I have given because they ensure that every penny is given straight to those in need. Currently, money is going to ground efforts in Allepo (you can read exactly what they're doing with the funds here).

Give e-items that can help improve someone’s life:

  • My 6 week Heal Your Gut program, self-led by your recipient (done on their own, when they’re ready to start). *I will not be offering this program this way ever again!!

  • An annual membership to Thrive Market. Dubbed “Costco meets Whole Foods,” it only carries clean foods and everything is lower priced than you’ll find in stores. The annual membership ensures you get great deals and even tracks how much are saving.

Offer items to upgrade their health:

  • A gift card to the healthy restaurant they avoid because of it’s cost.
  • A cleaning basket full of eco-friendly items like essential oils, white vinegar and a spray bottle. Or, eco laundry detergent, dish and hand soap.
  • A do-it-yourself kit for making a vision board, including a piece of small poster board (or firm item for base), beautiful magazines and a gluestick.

Give them something really from your heart!

  • Cook a meal for them. Or, teach them how to make their favorite recipe of yours, hands on. Then, enjoy it together.
  • Take them on a day date. Do something out of the ordinary like reading to patients at a nursing home or serving food at a soup kitchen.
  • Make a craft time to connect through creativity. Do the vision boards together. Attend a class at a ceramics studio or decorate new year journals that you’ll use to stay accountable with one another.

You know you, and you know them, so choose something that feels special and helpful and unique for you both.

Let me know if any of these inspire you! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, Brandi

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