NEW SHOP for Cyber Monday!

I am so excited about something new I created for you... I couldn't wait to share!

Over the years of my professional growth, no matter what I have studied or where I have lived, there is one thing that people consistently ask me.

What are your favorite products?

It took years to hone in on what is best for my body and what consistently works best for my clients. It has taken trial and error for me to find companies I can completely trust and companies innovating with my complete respect.

I have compiled my top choices of comapnies that I now fully affiliate myself with, to share them with you, easily.

You can now purchase my favorite products directly through my site!

My top companies, that will be featured on my site are:

  • Bulletproof, who is known for creating "Bulletproof coffee," or coffee with butter (coffee with their specially formulated coconut oil, for us dairy free folk). Bulletproof tests their products for mold, so you can get coffee beans, chocolate and vanilla beans without any mold issues (these are top harboring products)! They also have great supplements, snacks and "bio-hacking" products to make your life in a body better.
  • doTERRA, known for their certified therapeutic grade essential oils. I use their oils every single day! All kinds of them. I also love their cleaning products, hand soap and toothpaste which contain essential oils. So many amazing benefits of using essential oils instead of chemical or synthetic products.
  • Pangea Organics, known as one the original organic skin care company from Boulder, whose products have won Allure beauty awards because they work! Their products are what I use exclusively on my face and my body. They also use a very eco-centric system for sourcing, growing and even packaging. With clean and neutral scents, I have never disliked anything they create! If you believe in eating organically, you should really be using organic skin care as well.
  • Thrive Market, the new "kid in town" for conscious online shopping, including food, home and body products. They have a great shopping interface, the best prices I have seen on many products (by several dollars, in most cases) and searching platforms like paleo, moms, gluten free, etc. They really make online food shopping fun (and that means you can get more for your dollar, no matter where you live)!!

I am writing you today, even though I sent a recipe this weekend, because many of these companies are still running sales for "Cyber Monday."

Bulletproof has 20% off all products through today! Pangea Organics has 25% off all products through today! Thrive Market has up to 70% off select products through today!

I hope you'll click over to my SHOP page and check out the companies. If you have any questions about products, about which oils I love, about which skincare is best for your skin, etc, please click reply and email me!

Hope you like, xo, B

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