Build Your Intentions for the New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!

This is going to be a big year, I can feel it, can you?!

Today, I am sharing a way to check in with yourself, about how you'd like to move forward into this year, so it can be as big as you wish!!

You can incorporate this simple exercise into your day, so you know where you'd like to place your energy. If you don't know, you'll end up more scattered and overwhelmed. Believe me, I've been there! 

There's a great saying, about how you live your days is how you live your life, and I totally believe this philosophy. I also know from working with clients on changing habits, that what you do everyday does matter, and can be changed.

In order to have this focus of your energy, it's important to ask yourself: what are your intentions for your day, week, year, life? What are your intentions in your home, job, body, relationships?

In my work, I use DIET, DETOX & DESIRE as three pillars for making change.

So, with my programs and coaching, I use these as the focus for creating intentions. In fact, I love this intentions practice so much, my program workbook has you write these daily intentions everyday throughout the program (which creates a habit for success)!

The way to focus with each pillar:

Diet is about nourishing your body, including nourishment through food, joy, self-care and rest.

Detox is about cleansing your life, including cleanses from negative relationships, toxic environments, electronics and stress.

Desire is about choosing to heal, including what choices you are going to make each and every day to feel better (they may overlap diet & detox)!

With each category, there are countless ways that you can intend to focus your energy, for what works in your life, your home, your job, etc

Think of these as mini goals for each day... and know that they will build into a beautiful and well intended year!

DOWNLOAD a Diet-Detox-Desire Intention sheet HERE to fill out and get started.

Here are some examples:

DIET: Personal Nourishment Intention "Today, I eat greens with breakfast" "Today, I get 15 minutes of sunshine with a short walk around the neighborhood" "Tonight, I get 8 hours of sleep"

DETOX: Personal Cleanse Intention “Today, I cancel the lunch with a negative co-worker and choose to spend time with a like-minded friend” "Today, I clean the countertops with vinegar instead of chemicals" "Tonight, I turn my phone on Do Not Disturb from 8pm-8am”

DESIRE: Personal Choice Intention "Today, I let go of overwhelm about making the ‘right’ new year intentions, and let them flow naturally” “Today, I process my feelings of guilt from a sugar-filled holiday and move forward” “Today, I listen when my inner voice/intuition/gut instinct speaks”

Give yourself a few minutes in the morning to set these intentions for the day. Do it on the toilet when you first wake up, while having your morning tea or give yourself 5 minutes in the car after taking the kids to school. Create a routine that will allow you to be successful.

Don't make it hard, just let things flow from your pen to paper. If pen and paper isn't your thing, use the Note app in your phone. Whatever it takes to work for you!

If you like paper, as I do, don't forget you can download my Diet-Detox-Desire Intention sheet HERE.