Tips for Optimal Gut Health : Live Talk

You know by now that I think gut health is important. And, that gut health is a prominent factor in overall wellness. From immunity to mood to our inner connection, it all starts in the gut! While it's one thing to know this, it's another to know how to optimize your digestive health and fully actualize digestive wellness.

I often get asked, "Where do I start?"

This is something I really want to teach you! So, if you're in the Boulder, Colorado area, I'd love to share with you my top tips for optimal gut health next week.

I will be speaking at Bauman College's Community Conversation on Monday, March 14th at 6pm.

Bauman College is a holistic nutrition school with both nutrition and culinary programs. It's where I became a Certified Natural Chef and am now an instructor in the culinary department.

I love that Bauman College wants to gather community members interested in their health. At this event, you'll have the chance to speak with other like-minded locals and learn simple ways to support your digestive system.

I'll be sharing my top tips for maintaining gut health, which foods to include and avoid, and simple tricks to maintain gut happiness when it feels the most challenging.

This is a free event, but requires RSVP! Please click here to let Bauman College know if you'll attend.

Hope to see you, Brandi