Top Tips for Healthy Plane Travel


Travel is what I most love to do in life! But, as a sensitive person, and someone who has to take extra-good care of herself, travel can sometimes feel overwhelming. Through the years, I’ve discovered some tools that help me have a more easeful experience so that I can bounce back, feel well and enjoy my time.


I want you to have the same opportunity, and to remind you that it's possible to feel better - even from things that were once challenging.

I’ve been keeping a long-standing journal entry about my favorite travel tools, and have the intention of making into an e-book one day. But, for now, I want to share my top ten tips so you can use them for the upcoming holidays. Here they are!


Top Ten Tips for Healthy Plane Travel


1. Take health supportive supplements before, during and after travel

The strain of being on a toxic plane and crowded airports plus the stress of getting to and fro hardly compares to the germs you encounter while traveling. Throw those in with new environmental factors, time zone shifts and different sleep patterns, and our bodies can become over-exerted. Supplements can help!

Here’s my personal protocol:

-I take extra immune support the week prior to travel, like Moss Nutrition herbs* and Laird Superfood mushroom blend.

-I also boost my adrenal support before, during and after with this Moss blend*

-I spray this protective Throat & Gland Spray into my mouth before I get inside the airport and before/while on the plane. I mix it with this Colloidal Silver Spray for even more potency.

-I use Lozenges like DoTerra On Guard and Breathe blends or Sambucus Elderberry.

-I take Bulletproof Unfair Advantage before I get on the plane and after I land. This supplement supports mitochondria, which keeps your energy higher in the low oxygen environment of a plane. 

-I take Rescue Remedy after landing and daily on my trips, to calm my nervous system.  

-I also take Magnesium before bedtime each night to sleep better.


2. Protect your body from EMF

Electromagnetic frequencies are harmful to our body's cells and can often induce fatigue. These EMFs are everywhere, coming from phone signals, from wifi and basically anything modern and electric. They are specifically amplified in planes. It’s important to reduce the extra stress on your body, especially during already exhaustive travel.

-I always travel with a personal EMF deflecting pendant by Qlink. I wear mine on a silver chain with a diamond pendant so it feels more stylish 😉.

-I use these small Qlinks on my phone, iPad, and laptop.

-I sometimes travel with this USB style QLink to put in my hotel room, as all the wifi and grid electronics can feel harsh to me and sometimes make it hard for me to sleep. 


These protective pieces use a copper coil to deflect and reduce the exposure your body encounters.


3. Purify your airspace

I recently read an article about how half of the air in a plane comes out of the engine. This was not surprising to me because I can smell the toxicity of it as soon as I board. It’s so stale and fumey! And, since I am super sensitive to scents, I get nervous about sitting next to passengers with perfumes or dryer sheet scents on their clothes. This can blow out my nervous system, so I have to be super careful about it. 

-Earlier this year, I got a Personal Air Purifier that I wear around my neck and it makes all the difference for me!

-I also got this Plug-In Air Purifier to use in the rooms where I stay, because even an “unscented” hotel room is usually pretty fragrant for me. 

-If you aren't inclined to get a purifier, you can always use some protective essential oils, if you tolerate them. I often use DoTerra On Guard or Breathe blends, dabbing a little into my nostrils or under my nose. You can also wrap a scarf around your neck and face with some essential oils on the scarf. 


4. Purify your tangible space

I also recently read about the dirtiest places on a plane which included the armrest, the tray table, and the personal window area. And, while I may be a bit of a germophobe, you can see how easily this space could be compromised in a quick turnaround sanitation by the crew. 

-I always carry EO Hand Wipes and the new DoTerra On Guard hand sanitizer spritz. I love them both, and I should note the scents are not necessarily mild, but they work for me.


5. Give your brain a break from the noise

Your brain has to work hard blocking out the dull but loud noise that inevitably comes on a plane. Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof, recently wrote about this. Dave says softening that noise makes a noticeable difference in your brain’s ability to bounce back from fatigue after travel. 

-I use Bose Noise Canceling ear buds or earphones (I have both). I have been using these for 5+ years and feel a noticeable difference in my nervous system. These are something I will not travel without!


6. Give your brain a break from the junk light

This is something most of us don’t think about, but there is so much junk light, aka blue or halogen light, in airports, and in planes. And, since we all have devices, you’re likely going to be staring into the blue light of a device as you fly. This strains our eyes and thus our brains, and can be especially harmful in the evenings, challenging what our body knows to be wind-down time. 

-To combat the blue light, and relax your brain and nervous system, I wear the original Swanwick blue-light-blocking glasses. But, there are lots of companies with less tinted lenses these days. Search for "blue-blockers" to find ones that suit you best.

-You can also place your devices into "night shift" mode to give the screen an amber hue. You'll only notice it for a moment and your eyes will quickly adjust.

In fact, on a recent trip, I didn't sleep at all the night before I left and was fried and exhausted as I got to the airport. I was sad that I'd feel awful when I arrived. So, I put on my blue-blockers as I walked into the airport and wore them until I was outside the airport at my destination. I felt rejuvenated and was even rested enough to make a girls dinner without any fatigue!


7. Stay really hydrated

Don’t forget the obvious! With the diminished oxygen in the plane, and the altitude, the dry air can get to you. 

-Drink water on your way to the airport and throughout your travel day. Bring your own water bottle so you can refill with ease (many airports have filtered water stations now).

-Try not to over-caffeinate, despite feeling like you may need the extra boost. And, avoid alcohol which highly increases your chance for dehydration on a flight. 


8. Feed yourself well

There’s no need for extra stress in the form of low blood sugar and junk food when traveling. Always be prepared and think about your food ahead of time. 

-Keep bars or snacks in your carry on and be sure to get protein, fats, and veggies in your system. 

-I love to bring Bulletproof Collagen Bars, meat bars or sticks, and my own prepared foods.

-In a pinch, I have grabbed a veggie plate from Starbucks (it comes with a Ranch dip) and used my own Wholly Guacamole for dipping. *You can buy these at Costco or in grocery stores and freeze them. Pull them out the morning you leave your house and they'll get through security no problem and be thawed for your flight! Bonus- the organic ones are nightshade free.

-On my way home from Cincinnati this last weekend, I picked up an organic Tessemae’s Salad Kit which was really perfect plane food!

-Don’t forget your utensils! This Titanium Spork is my favorite.

Check out the hashtag #travelwithbmack on Instagram for more food travel tips.


9. Clear your personal energetic space

This tip is mostly overlooked, but we encounter so many people and emotions while traveling that can be picked up in our energy field. People can often be angry at airports, or rushed, sad, annoyed, etc. If you’re sensitive like I am, then your personal field is likely pretty sticky. That’s why I consciously clear my personal energetic space after I travel.

Here’s my routine :

-I travel with a little satchel that includes my energy clearing tools. I use whichever one feels best in the moment, and I use them everyday while traveling, typically before bedtime. Our energy fields process and clear at night so I like to offer a little extra support.

-I burn Sage or Palo Santo to clear my space in a classic smudge technique. I waft the smoke around me and even use it in my travel room to clear whomever was there before me. 

-I use a Rose Spray to brighten my energy, to clear and protect my energy, as well as an Aura Smudge Spray if the energy around me feels like it needs a boost. Update: I have been using this Clearing Spritzer which includes all known clearing herbs and salt (a very old practice). It’s great to keep in your handbag for daily use and when you can’t actually burn things during your travels.

-I use a Selenite Crystal which removes any negative energy from my field and helps me to gain clarity. I like the handheld stone for travel, but I use a selenite wand at home. You can use the wand around your body and over your chakras to support more opening and clearing. I carry the stone in my pocket if it feels necessary. I typically place it on my body before bedtime (I do this most days at home, too) or even sleep with it. 

I know this may sound a little out there if it's not familiar to you, but these are ancient practices and they make a noticeable difference for me as a highly sensitive person. 


10. Get grounded

If the energy clearing feels like too much, think about getting grounded instead (or, absolutely do both). Being in flight takes your energy upward, quite literally, and can lead to dizziness, spaciness or general fatigue as your nervous system tries to sort out what's going on. Allowing yourself to consciously get grounded can help.

-When you arrive at your destination, try to get outside immediately. Allowing your eyes (no glasses if you can tolerate it), and skin to get direct sunlight can help balance the adrenal hormones which help regulate the body's stress. That direct sunlight also provides Vitamin D which is an immune booster. If it is evening, the fresh air will still be really helpful.

-If the temperature allows, take off your shoes and place your bare feet directly on the earth. Stand there for 5-10 minutes, minimum, to gain the most benefit. This allows your body to reconnect with the magnetic pull of the earth and brings your awareness back into your body. It also reduces fatigue, which can be exacerbated when we do not touch the earth directly (this is true in everyday life). This technique is also said to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow which allows the body to recover from stressors more quickly and often allows you to sleep much more easily - if done consistently. This technique is called earthing if you want to read more about it. 

-If you can't take off your shoes and go barefoot, allow yourself to sit directly on the earth for 10-20 minutes. You want to be on grass or natural earth rather than on a sidewalk or bench. But, if a bench is all you've got, take it! Being outside will always help you to get more physically grounded.


If you are able to take these practices, from pre-flight to post-flight, I believe you will really notice a shift in the way your body responds to travel. 

Even incorporating a few can make a significant difference. Once you get the tools and get into the routine of remembering to do these things, it becomes easy. It's mostly a matter of keeping everything organized and knowing what feels good for you. 

I'd love to know where you are headed for the holidays and what tips you're planning to try for your travels. 

Wishing you safe and easy plane rides ahead,


 *You'll need my practitioner code to order supplements from Moss Nutrition. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss this option.