Travel with Me!

I've been on the road a lot lately and I've been thinking so much about what it takes to have fun and feel well when you travel. Travel is something I love and feel really comfortable doing. But, it has had to be planned with much more thought over the years of my healing process. As I changed my diet, and I became more sensitive, my travel had to adapt accordingly.

Did you know, the number one reason people choose not to start my 6-week program is travel?

We will always have travel in our lives, so I find it really important to learn how to customize your travel, no matter the circumstance. I have some travel centered goodies cooking up for a holiday release! But, today, I want to share a simple way you can travel with me...

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When you heal your gut, there is more opportunity for food freedom, so you'll see that not all of my posts are strictly paleo or elimination friendly. And, that's the beauty of solidifying gut health. You can have more fun and more freedom to explore local and inspiring foods!

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Have a great week, Brandi

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