Unexpected gifts of 2017

I hope you had a nice week, and found some gratitude in the everyday (or challenging) moments as suggested in my last video. I was in Santa Fe, living in a Japanese robe. I spent the days soaking in hot springs, resting a lot and replenishing with yummy foods, on repeat. It was so perfect!

However, the rest of this year didn’t feel nearly as good as last week did. It felt rough. I know we are always changing and evolving, but, man, things got tough and I had a hard time adapting at first. But, as I was able to shift my mindset, I realized how many unexpected gifts I gathered in 2017, instead.  


Just over a year ago, I decided to cancel the biggest thing I offer to my clients - my signature group program. If you’re new here, you won’t even know what I’m talking about because that program hasn’t been on the calendar since January. And since that time, when I gave myself permission to look at my schedule and business differently, so much has evolved.

I had so much planned for this year, but with some intense struggle from an old brain injury, the year did not go as expected. None of my 2017 goals were realized, in personal or professional life. But, I’m not even mad. I have actually become grateful! Because what opened up instead are things I would not have imagined for myself.

Instead of finishing my book, going on book tour and traveling to Australia, here's what happened instead...


This year, I became the nutrition coaching provider for a powerful plastic surgeon. And, this is no ordinary plastic surgeon. She is known for her mastectomy to breast reconstruction in-one surgery for those diagnosed with breast cancer. She uses a whole body approach to create the best possible outcome and encourages every single patient to work with holistic practitioners such as an acupuncturist, a physical therapist and me, to name a few. This has been one of the most meaningful roles I have taken in my career, as these women are in a powerful position to create change in their bodies and I am so grateful for the opportunity to support them. 

This year, I became a mentor for new students who enroll at The Institute of Transformational Nutrition, my alma mater. This, too, has been a meaningful role for me. I get to guide new students through an entry point of their own self-discovery while supporting them through BIG questions like who they want to serve and why. I get to guide them through the only personalized nutrition coaching system, using the pillars that shape my life and work: science, psychology, and spirituality. It’s such an honor.

This year, I stepped back from the consistent work I was doing with a focus on gut health and autoimmunity to make room for what was begging to come forth instead - an even more personalized and deeper approach. I have always believed that your body has a unique set of needs, desires and life circumstance to work with. So I am taking that even further now (don't worry, I will still be using my expertise in gut health). I am super excited to reveal more about this to you in the coming weeks!

This year, I learned more about who I am and who I want to be. About, how I want to share with you and how to be the best coach I can, while still taking care of myself. 

I am certain that we all need guidance and support to get our body and our life back "on track" but that we also have to learn more about ourselves so that we can make shifts and changes as they’re needed. This year, I needed a coach to help me see things differently. I needed a type of brain therapy that was perfect for me. But, more than anything, I needed my own tools to take care of my day to day. Because what if "off track" is just the detour we need to allow a bigger shift to happen? I believe that life happens for us not to us - and that the learning never ends. We are simply always changing and evolving, as I said above. 


With that, I was reminded of something I've been learning for years... to give myself a little extra love instead of beating myself up about not being perfect. 

I hope you’ll turn that into a question for yourself : Where can you give yourself a little more love?

Take a moment to notice what this year has taught you, where you have grown (especially with reluctance) and where you can give yourself a little more love.

I promise it's worth it!