What I really help you do

When people ask me what I do, it can be hard to explain. Because, it’s complex and, ultimately, different for everyone. But, there something I can tell you that is absolute: I help you learn more about yourself.

By working together around your food and habits, I help you learn what feels good and what doesn’t. This may sound simple, but take a second to think about it:

Do you know all of the foods that make you feel really good? Like, satisfyingly good, both physically and emotionally

What about the ones that make you feel really bad? Even the ones you don’t want to believe (including some “health foods”)

If you can recognize some of these things, what are you actually doing about them? Anything? Or, just carrying along as if it doesn’t matter?

Because, it really does matter. This level of connection (or disconnection) to food carries over into the rest of your life, and it is fascinating!!

There is so much about how we treat food that mimics our “real” life.

  • For instance, if you regularly feel the need for sweets, there is a strong possibility that you actually need to feel rewarded.
  • If you regularly eat mindlessly, you are likely trying to avoid something, to drown a feeling or to put off something that you know deep down inside you really need to do.
  • If you call yourself a “foodie” and believe that you just like food too much to dive deeper into your health, repeat that to yourself. Do you really like food more than you like your body? It’s ok if that feels true for you right now, but I wonder what would happen if you reconsidered.

What potential could you have if you placed more awareness around eating, and actually knew more about how to fulfill yourself? It could be amaaaazing!

This kind of stuff is what I help you figure out. We use food as the catalyst, because we all have to eat to be nourished and grow. And, being nourished is about so much more than food!

That’s why I work with you from the foundation of healing your gut. When I talk about your gut, I often mean your greater digestive system. But, I also mean that deep place of wisdom that you have within you, sometimes referred to as your “gut instinct.”

Believe it or not, these are highly intertwined! Often, you cannot access your inner wisdom (or recognize that “gut instinct” very clearly) if your digestive system is congested. Isn’t that interesting to consider?

I mean, how incredible would your life be if you had an inner compass, that you could trust undoubtedly, to make you feel really nourished… with food, activities, people and more?

That is totally what happens when you start to take charge of your food choices and heal your gut!

You know, I had Crohn’s disease and healed it when I started to learn more about myself. I was able to take charge of my own health, instead of listening to what everyone else wanted me to do… and I overcame my digestive autoimmune disease! I am more tapped into my gut than ever!

After my own healing, and lots of training and case studies, I created a healing system that offers you a specific formula to find out more about yourself by way of healing all the layers of your gut.

And, my favorite way to teach you this method is through my six-week Heal Your Gut program.

Every year, I offer this in the Spring and Fall as a group program, because the collective energy is so powerful!

This year’s Fall Program is coming up next month!!

I’ll be emailing you a little more in the next few weeks with announcements about this powerful program. And, you can sign up for early bird information HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself, this is the perfect time to dive in!

I can’t wait to tell you more soon!! Brandi

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