Love Your Gut:

A Six-Week Guide to Restoring Your Nutrition and Trusting Your Intuition 

Love Your Gut is a six-week nutritional program proven to revitalize digestive health and create confidence in your food choices for good.

It empowers you to better understand your body and intuition in a personalized way so you can feel nourished, beyond food.


Love Your Gut is a must-read for anyone looking to end their pain and frustration by following their intuition and healing their gut for good! Brandi gives you a straightforward, revolutionary path there in just six weeks!

- CYNTHIA GARCIA, founder and CEO, Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Love Your Gut is a powerful jumpstart for those looking to heal their body. Brandi’s program teaches anyone wanting overall well-being to trust their intuition as they seek optimal health.

- JESSICA EMICH, co-author of Eat Drink Shine

About the Author

Brandi Mackenzie

Brandi (she/her) believes if you struggle to change your diet you don’t have a problem with willpower, you have a problem with nourishment.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stop emotional eating or restore your digestive health, the real reason you can’t put down the sweets, stop snacking off your kid’s plate or make progress with your health issues isn’t because you need to be “more disciplined.” It’s because you’re not truly nourished.

As a Nourishment Coach, Brandi has helped hundreds of people reduce food overwhelm, diet guilt, and confusion about what to eat with her proven framework—which gets her clients remarkable results in their health and lives.

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