You're here to do big things

Whether it's out in the world or in your home, the sights you have set are driven by something deeper. They're driven by the expansive quality you feel within your heart knowing what's ahead and by a passion to feel truly alive in everyday moments. 

Your presence matters--to you, to your family, to your work, to your projects. And, while you try to be as present as possible, sometimes you're pulled in so many directions that you can hardly make the time to pause and be present for yourself. 

Though you are well-versed in self care practices and take a mindful approach to living, you feel like something is still missing. 

Because your life is already great, sometimes you're unsure of what exactly that is... but you feel it. You feel a desire, a drive, an inner longing for something more.


I'm here to tell you, it's ok to want more, because that longing comes from your Soul.

Whether you want your health to be even better, your job to be even more rewarding, or your family to be even more in sync, you deserve the life of your dreams--the life that your Soul is guiding you toward. And, not just on the outside, but on the inside, too!

To build your amazing life, you've had to do so much on the outside. You've had to hone your ambitious superpowers. And, sometimes that ambition stretched you a little too thin. Now, it's time to recover. It's time to reclaim your other superpowers, as a curious, intuitive, empathic woman, and use them in everyone's favor. 

Recovering a sense of deep, inner trust so that you may follow your Soul's nudges, is what I call connecting to your Gut Wisdom. And, this is the missing piece for women like you.

Your Gut Wisdom is an inner source of guidance, when times are hard and when times feel perfect. Gut Wisdom is your body's innate wisdom and is the gateway to your Soul--to your true essence.


When you learn the language of your Gut Wisdom, it becomes your compass.

In all of my coaching, I teach you how to learn this language. And, just like any other languages, it takes practice and immersion to become fluent. But, once you learn, it will be the greatest guide of your devotion and integrity. 

In fact, reclaiming and reconnecting to this deep piece of who you are may be at the root of your health imbalances and emotional or relationship challenges. It's not uncommon to feel life shift, from the subtle everyday moments to bigger, impactful changes once you begin learning this language. Allowing Gut Wisdom to be your compass means that you're living life in full alignment wih your Soul, and nothing feels better than that!  

It's time to quit seeking answers outside of yourself and instead go within. From here you'll find the greatest truth and the greatest confidence for all areas of your life. Here's how I support you in finding your Gut Wisdom. 

This wisdom is always yours. To capture it you must simply take the time to understand it. 


Clarity & Transformation

Private Coaching


Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle

Group Coaching


Our time together includes:

  • 2, deeply guided Group Video Calls per month, for four months

  • Weekly support and check-ins within an online Facebook forum

  • Supplemental resource guides as we go

Before we begin, you’ll receive:

  • The Diet Detox Desire Guide to get clear on your intentions from the start
  • Wellness assessment forms so we can determine what your body is asking for right now
  • Assessment review so I am intimately dialed into your needs

Bonus benefits :

  • Personalized Goodie Package to your doorstep

  • Option for 1:1 session add-ons at a discounted rate, as schedule allows

  • Invitation to Restorative Journey Retreats for 2018-2019

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Working with Brandi has been life-changing. She will change the way you look at food! She allows you the space to dive deeper within yourself – to see why you have certain habits and how to find the confidence to make changes. It is amazing to me that I now hear my body so clearly. I know what it most needs to feel healthy and vibrant again!

Lorelei, Santa Fe

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Brandi empowered me to find out exactly what fuels my body and what slows it down. This gave me the strength to heal myself, trust my own intuition and guidance and to live my life without any discomfort. I feel closer to myself, and I now trust my body when it is trying to tell me something! I feel better than I have felt in a long time - not only because my physical symptoms have disappeared, but also because I have re-built the trust in my own inner guidance again. That is an amazing and exciting journey altogether!

Nele, Sydney

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I cannot thank Brandi enough for allowing me to truly transform my life, and heal from the inside out. I feel more energized, have more clarity and no longer have the digestive problems I struggled with for years. I felt like she knew me from the start, making important connections and pushing me to dig deeper to find the root cause of my digestive issues (that were actually in habits, emotions and experiences which no longer served me). She helped me shift these so I no longer made the unhealthy choices around food that led to years of damage in my gut. Her work has helped me find the inner strength to nourish myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Her deep support and true passion for what she has to share makes it easy to learn and implement change. She has been an inspiration and an invaluable asset to my healing journey!

Shannon, Connecticut

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Brandi’s guidance was priceless. She taught me what is really means to “eat healthy.” She listens closely and provides gentle advice. If you are looking to connect with your true nature and to experience your body in its fullest health, then this program is for you. You will learn so much about yourself and how food affects you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Brandy, Denver


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