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Let's talk about your ideal day...

You envision waking up and feeling really rested. After setting your intentions for the day, you have enough time and energy to take a walk outside or do yoga. You're able to enjoy your cup of coffee without it getting cold, and you even have time to make a really nourishing meal. You have some quiet moments for writing in your journal or meditating - the alone time you crave! And, plenty of time to work on your passion project (whether it’s running your business, supporting a foundation or being with your children). You create time in your schedule to connect with loved ones and to make you a priority. You make space in your days to slow down, to not feel rushed, to laugh, and to really feel joy. 

But, right now this seems like a far-off dream.

You can’t take time for yourself and do those things. You have too much to juggle and you can’t trust that your body will feel well each day, so you just keep plugging away at the depleting routine. You feel frustrated, worried you can’t do it. You feel defeated, even betrayed by your body and you don't feel like you're making progress.

You feel like your health is holding you back and you never really feel good, in the way you want to. Because you can't do everything that you want to do!

How often do you go through the day feeling...

  • Worried - that there will always be another bad day just around the corner
  • Discouraged -  like one piece of the puzzle is always just out of reach 
  • Deprived -  like it’s not possible to have good food and good times with the people you love
  • Frustrated - like you’re ruled by your body and constantly thinking about your health
  • Overwhelmed - by what to do next when you’ve already done so much

Are you ready to shift this? 

To quit deciding between health or your passions and instead find your real balance?
I’d love to help you discover what’s possible. Because I know that true balance really is within reach!

I know because I’ve been right where you are and I found a way to create my own version of a successful life - success that isn’t about a job but is about my passions and what feels good to me, in my body, every day.

I have had ups and downs with my health for over a decade. From a head and neck injury to an autoimmune diagnosis, I know how challenging it is when all you want is to feel better. It’s hard physically and even harder emotionally. 

You just want to have as much energy as everyone else seems to have, and do all the things that you desire to do… travel, share your gifts with the world, be with your loved ones and have your own restorative downtime. 

Much of what we’re told as women is to seek external help and follow “cookie cutter” formulas. But, these don’t account for your body’s unique set of needs and your life circumstance. 

They often work to a point and then fail. For most of us, that amplifies the shame and guilt about your body not working the way you want, despite all you’re doing. 

Having been through this myself, I learned early on that my body was not like everyone else’s. 
And, neither is yours.

Getting your health where you want it is not a matter of being determined or capable - it’s about finding your own body’s wisdom so it can always guide you!


This is exactly what I’ll show you how to do in my 4-month Diet Detox Desire program!


I’ll guide you to find your own balance, your own formulas for success and how to give yourself a little extra love instead of beating yourself up about not being perfect. 

Learn what you need, right now, to find relief from the overwhelm and feel really empowered to choose what’s best for you. And, learn how to adjust as your body, your work and life shift over time. 

What you need is always changing!

That’s why I created a healing method that empowers you to listen to your body, in all of its wisdom. You’ll learn what you need to feel your best, even on your worst days, without feeling deprived or like you're missing out. 

With this method, I’ve learned how to enjoy life and take care of myself - to feel hopeful and empowered about my choices. And, I’ve taught it to more than one hundred women just like you.

Each of these women discovered they needed the same things:

  • To feel nourished with more than just food
  • To shift their mindset from obsession to devotion
  • To learn how to trust themselves instead of constantly seeking outside advice

Are you ready to find that in your life?

Let's reconnect you to your best health - so you feel what's possible - with balance and long-term sustainability!


This 4-month program is designed to connect you with your own wisdom and find what Diet, Detox, and Desire mean for you!

While the approach I take with you will be completely personalized, here is an example of what we may cover in our sessions.

Together we'll...

Talk foods and assess what’s working for you and what’s not

Create the most personalized and sustainable nutrition plan you’ve ever had 

See where your gut health may be affecting your ability to thrive 

Discover what really nourishes you, beyond the food, and how to include that in your life

this is DIET

Find what habits may be pushing you beyond your limits and causing burn out and fatigue

Make space in your schedule to do the other things you love

Create a foolproof way for you to feel hopeful and well, even on your “bad” days

Learn where it’s possible to let go instead of constantly catching up from exhaustion

this is DETOX

Map out your best health scenario and take actionable steps to get there

Design a simple way for you to check-in with your body and see how you’re really feeling, every day

Learn what gives you a real sense of empowerment

Explore practical information while using intuitive guidance, straight from your own gut wisdom

this is DESIRE


Here's what you receive with the Diet Detox Desire package...

Our time together includes:

  • 12 deeply personal coaching sessions, over four months, including three sessions per month with one integration week per month (all sessions held via phone or internet call)
  • Trusted guidance (and intuitive downloads) from someone who has been there
  • Manageable and sustainable steps toward your best health and personal version of success
  • Unlimited email support so you have on-call access to me between sessions
  • Weekly office hours for quick check-ins on our integration week
  • Supplemental resource guides as we go (think insider tips, shortcuts, and life-hacks) 

Before we begin, you’ll receive:

  • The Diet Detox Desire Guide to get clear on your intentions from the start
  • Wellness assessment forms so we can determine what your body is asking for
  • Assessment review so we know where to start and how to stay focused
  • Custom schedule options to fit seamlessly into your life, without overwhelm

Bonus benefits :

  • Personalized goodie box upon sign-up, filled with supplies to support you on your journey.
    Think supportive healing tools, the best nutritional hacks for travel, the perfect snacks and spice blends for your diet, and love notes to remind you how amazing you are!
  • First access to my Love Your Gut book, upon release
  • Option for a 2-day intensive, with me in your home, at a discounted rate

Ready to find your greatest health using Diet, Detox, and Desire?


This program is by application only, to ensure that you and I are the perfect match for one another.
Monthly payment plans are available.  


With this deeply personal and transformational coaching program, I'll help you connect with your body in ways you didn't know possible! 

What is possible? You'll finally make progress in your health by finding the practices to keep you energized instead of burned out. You'll understand what your body wants and needs, instead of being confused by all the information out there. You'll gain clarity on what's most manageable for you so you can feel committed to your self, to your passions and your dreams, without missing out (or getting sick in the process)! You'll find the balance you crave and know is possible!

If you're all-in for finding that balance and possibility in a sustainable way, I encourage you to apply! 

Enrollment is currently closed. 


I look forward to hearing from you, 

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Before working with Brandi, I was feeling extremely fatigued and had daily headaches and GI symptoms. I was desperate to feel better but had no idea how to get there. Brandi helped me learn to nurture myself through food, to heal my autoimmunity (I now experience no symptoms!), and reminded me to truly listen to my body. I am living a fully vibrant life again and Brandi got me started on that path. I am so grateful!

Katie, Boulder

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Working with Brandi has been life-changing. She will change the way you look at food! She allows you the space to dive deeper within yourself – to see why you have certain habits and how to find the confidence to make changes. It is amazing to me that I now hear my body so clearly. I know what it most needs to feel healthy and vibrant again!

Lorelei, Santa Fe

Testimonial photos 01-18 (2).png

Brandi empowered me to find out exactly what fuels my body and what slows it down. This gave me the strength to heal myself, trust my own intuition and guidance and to live my life without any discomfort. I feel closer to myself, and I now trust my body when it is trying to tell me something! I feel better than I have felt in a long time - not only because my physical symptoms have disappeared, but also because I have re-built the trust in my own inner guidance again. That is an amazing and exciting journey altogether!

Nele, Sydney

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I cannot thank Brandi enough for allowing me to truly transform my life, and heal from the inside out. I feel more energized, have more clarity and no longer have the digestive problems I struggled with for years. I felt like she knew me from the start, making important connections and pushing me to dig deeper to find the root cause of my digestive issues (that were actually in habits, emotions and experiences which no longer served me). She helped me shift these so I no longer made the unhealthy choices around food that led to years of damage in my gut. Her work has helped me find the inner strength to nourish myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Her deep support and true passion for what she has to share makes it easy to learn and implement change. She has been an inspiration and an invaluable asset to my healing journey!

Shannon, Connecticut

Testimonial photos 01-18.png

Brandi’s guidance was priceless. She taught me what is really means to “eat healthy.” She listens closely and provides gentle advice. If you are looking to connect with your true nature and to experience your body in its fullest health, then this program is for you. You will learn so much about yourself and how food affects you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Brandy, Denver