Nourishment supports your health, inside and out, faster than traditional coaching

The way you show up, for yourself and others, changes when you're nourished

You'll be able to put more on your plate—both with food and in life—and handle it more easily. You'll bounce back and recover from challenges more quickly. You'll feel more calm and be more present. Ultimately, you'll feel more like yourself.

When you know the exact choices you need to make, life gets easier. You know longer feel bad choosing what's right for you. Plus, you'll:

  • Open the fridge & know what to eat
  • Wake up feeling energized & ready for the day
  • Feel certain in how you fuel your body & mind

Why have a coach to help with this?

You need to address the physiology and psychology of your habits

You can't fix things with an eat-this-not-that approach. You can't rely on a cookie cutter health plan. And, you can't simply try to "change your mindset" either. In order to create lasting change, you have to be able to reset your nervous system and learn what's really in the way of you feeling you best—inside and out.

That's why I created the Nourishment Framework™. It's helps you understand the different parts of yourself and how they play a role in your choices. It includes:

  • Body: This is your body as you know it, where you feel all the things
  • Brain: This drives your mind, thoughts, your logic and attention
  • Emotions: These are your reactions and personal interpretations of the world around you
  • Energy: This is your reservoir and the capacity you have to "do" life
  • Intuition: This is whatever you call the instinctual guide, inside, that always knows the way

With the framework, you'll be able to quit relying on outside "experts" to tell you what's best. Instead, you'll find trust in yourself—choosing what's right for you. And, knowing you can easily adjust no matter what's going on in life or the world around you.

Creating the right container for your growth

You're ready for above-average results, so it's time for above-average support.

I'd guess that you're fairly educated in holistic health practices. You probably take a cabinet full of supplements every day and invest in a support team like a massage therapist, acupuncturist, or holistic doctor. And, that's great, because a team really helps.

But, if you aren't yet where you want to be, it's time to commit to the right container of support.

Nourishment coaching has supported people further and faster because of the nature of it's framework and starting with your nervous system (most people don't even realize this is an underlying issue in food and health). When we work together, you'll get the expertise and accountability you need at your own pace—without the overwhelm, confusion or piecemeal systems that you've been used to.

If you're ready to optimize your whole life with nourishment, see how we can work together below.

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Expect deep transformation with on-going accountability and support through one-on-one coaching.

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Love Your Gut is a six-week program proven to optimize digestion and revitalize your health through an easy-to-follow framework.

I learned how to fuel my body and feel good all the time. Brandi always has an answer or recommendation to keep you on track.

I really learned so much about listening to my body, which was new for me. What you will learn will change the way you think and feel about food.

I have transformed not only my way of eating, but how I think and feel about food. In the process, I found a better version of myself.

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