I healed myself from Crohn's disease, naturally

I created a healing system to support you, after I healed myself naturally from Crohn’s disease. Before my diagnosis, I was eating well, doing yoga, traveling the world and should have been really happy. But, I wasn’t.

Doing all the “right things” wasn’t enough.

Even though my life looked pretty great on the outside, I was exhausted. My days were ruled by my digestive distress (that I didn’t talk about) and I was constantly irritable. I felt lost and hopeless and I suffered for ten years in silence.

I didn't realize anything was wrong with me. I thought this is how I would always feel... until I decided to ask for help. I needed guidance and support to get my body back on track. But, after months of people telling me what do to, I realized again that it wasn't enough. 


I had to quit doing what everyone else thought was right and start listening to myself.

I did deep cleansing and repair of my gut and found the perfect diet for myself. I quit pushing myself to do so much. I let go of a loooooot (I’m a recovering perfectionist). I rested. I got clear on what I really wanted out of life, and I started seeking that.

It worked. Within two years of diagnosis, I had a clean chart of health.

The intense healing was over, but there was so much more to learn so I could integrate this health into my life, for the long haul.

I had to find my own gut wisdom!

Much of what we’re told as women is to seek external help and follow “cookie cutter” formulas. But, these don’t account for your body’s unique set of needs and your life circumstance. They often work to a point and then fail. For most of us, that amplifies the shame and guilt about your body not working the way you want, despite all you’re doing. Having been through this myself, I learned early on that my body was not like everyone else’s.  And, neither is yours.

Getting your health where you want it is not a matter of being determined or capable - it’s about finding your own body’s wisdom so it can always guide you.

You just can’t do what someone else says forever and expect to feel awesome. Your body changes and it's vital that you know how to adapt. I want you to learn exactly what you need, right now, and know how to adjust as your body and life change over time.

So, I took everything I learned during my intense healing process and created an attainable formula to help you find what’s perfect for you!

My healing method empowers you to listen to your body, in all of its wisdom, and do what you need to do to feel your best, without feeling deprived or like you're missing out.

Read about it here.

I learned how to enjoy life and really take care of myself. I can't wait to share that with you!


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I'm here to guide and support you!

As a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Natural Chef, I am passionate about food! I believe that food can be a catalyst for great healing in your life, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. The relationship you have to food, the habits you create (or avoid) with food, the priority you give food is what really matters… and I know those parts can be the hardest to approach and shift. I am realistic about life and making things work for you. I want you to enjoy food, travel, social gatherings and celebrations so that you never feel deprived. I teach you how to really listen to your body so you never doubt your food choices again!