“Brandi helped me understand how important it is to have a healthy gut so that your body is properly absorbing the nutrients it's extracting from your foods. In this package, she educates you how to read labels, how and where to shop, and to explore new foods. She truly taught me that, as she says, "food can be medicine, food can be self care, and food can be a catalyst for deep inner growth." I have taken this beyond my surgery and I feel so great (I've even lost 12 pounds)!

-DB, Littleton


“Brandi helped me so much when I really needed it. She is so much more than a nutritionist!

MA, Centennial

“I really appreciated how all of the information in the Guidebook was broken down. The layout made it easy to follow and I was able to make the dietary changes I need for my surgery.

SF, Aurora

“Brandi was so helpful! I am so glad that Dr. Hunsicker recommended her and her expertise.

KS, Littleton